A Brief Surfshark Review: Performance, Price & Offers

Surfshark VPN has the markings of being one of the complete VPN service providers in the current market. Some basic metrics of a specific service are always there. Once you know about those particular metrics, it becomes easy for you to make a purchase decision. We will be talking about if SurfShark matches or surpasses those metrics.

We will also discuss how you can avail of SurfShark Coupon Codes and offers. SurfShark has compiled the options for providing the best possible service at the smallest possible price range. But before that, we should look at the metrics for a proper VPN service

  1. Support for devices
  2. Encryption Standard
  3. Server Support
  4. Access to Content
  5. Additional services (If any)
  6. Pricing policy and value provision

Now let’s look at each metric and how SurfShark matches up.

What Devices Does Surfshark Work?

VPN is a way to mask and reroute your online activity to save your information while surfing the web. Now, we are accessing the internet with several device types. A good VPN will give support to most types of devices. SurfShark covers the essential mediums. They are:

  • Desktops & Laptops: Personal computers have been the go-to access points for most people. Surfshark works on the three primary PC operating systems of Windows, MAC, and Linux
  • Smartphones and Tablets: Smartphones and tablets are now more used mediums for web access than PCs. SurfShark provides an app for both Android and iOS devices. You can find SurfShark APK on the Google Play Store and iPhone app on the iOS app store, respectively. The app supports the very recent versions of the OSs like Pie for Android and iOS 13.
  • Browsers: It is quite evident that you use a browser to enter the services on the web. So, to make things more accessible, there need to be extensions for the browsers. You can find the SurfShark browser extension in both the Google Chrome Extension Store and the Mozilla Firefox Addon Store.
  • Smart TVs: Smart TVs connect the scope of a big screen with the utility of an operating system. You can ensure protection for the browsing of your Television needs. SurfShark offers Smart TV support for Android TV, Amazon Fire Stick, and Apple TV through online TV apps.
  • Consoles: Gaming consoles are also access points for web browsing and accessing content. You can use SurfShark on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles.
  • Trust DNS: Android users can avail of this function to use a free DNS server through their Android devices.

How Strong Is The Surfsark Encryption?

One of the essential points to look at is the encryption of your request. Whenever you are trying to connect to a web service, you are sure to show your IP or other intricate details to many parties. A VPN hides and modifies your details. SurfShark has AES-256-bit encryption for your web protection, which fortifies your online security. The security is military-grade encryption support. So you get the best standard of data encryption. 256-bit protection helps you stay anonymous.

Server Support For Surfshark VPN

Another very distinct feature of a VPN is its server coverage. Your internet searches or requests for a website go through some servers. Other malevolent entities might catch your information and misuse it in a variety of ways. So it would help if you had servers across the globe to make your identity unknown. SurfShark covers you in the server department quite well. There are 1040+ servers across over 60 countries. There are four regions of servers in SurfShark.

  • Europe
  • North & South America
  • The Middle East & African states
  • Asia Pacific Region

Can We Access All Types Of Content With Surfshark?

The recent utility of SurfShark goes beyond just the protection. Once you have a VPN on, you have an anonymous entity. Nobody can block your access once you have a universal identity to work. Now, with streaming services on the rise, this access to content that every user craves.

SurfShark makes content available across the primary streaming services.SurfShark makes your IP appear from any safe region. You can enjoy your content like it is supposed to, unfiltered, Unblocked, and uncensored. The major networks include

  • Netflix
  • Hulu
  • BBC iPlayer
  • Amazon Video

Extra Benefits Of Surfshark

There are some benefits attached to the SurfShark group of services. These include

VPN Killswitch:

The VPN killswitch feature presents a safety net that saves your information if the VPN isn’t working.


The camouflage mode makes your VPN service invisible to others. It doesn’t even tell your ISP that you have a VPN installed

Safety Protocols:

IKEv2 is the standard safety protocol on SurfShark

Access Across Borders:

You won’t have a designated nationality while surfing with SurfShark. That feature gives you access to all content.


Sometimes, having a VPN might lose access to some apps. This Whitelister helps you to allow some apps to avoid that blockage

SurfShark Free Trial:

SurfShark Free Trial,SurfShark review

SurfShark lets you try out their services for free services for a week

Surfshark Refund Policy:

You can get a refund within a month if you are not satisfied with the service

SurfShark Pricing Policy

Package PRICE
One Month Subscription
  • $11.95/month
Check Url
One Year Subscription
  • $5.99/month
Check Url
Two Year Subscription
  • $1.99/month
Check Url

Surfshark Coupon Codes, Offers, And Deals

You can Surfshark deals and discounts with coupon codes. There are specific deals that are always available. If you look at the price list, you can see a pattern. If you subscribe for a more extended period, you get an 83% deal. You can also get specific deals with SurfShark Promo codes.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are regular discount deals. Using promo codes in these times can give you 90% and upwards discount rates.

Christmas Sales and New Year’s offers are some other forms of deals that can benefit you. You can also see ExpressVPN


At the end of the review of services, we can say that getting SurfShark will benefit you certainly. It gets our stamp of approval because it delivers on the points we mentioned before.