Siteground Web Hosting: Faster, Reliable & Efficient

Hosting is a crucial component of any online initiative. A comprehensive web hosting service can cover a whole lot of ground in terms of necessary things. So SIteground surely is a probable hosting service you can consider for your hosting needs. Siteground looks at the services in a way that gets to the very basics of hosting needs. It doesn’t over-complicate things by loading the whole website with a slew of services. But it concentrates on only the hosting principles. We can call it Siteground Service principles.

Siteground Service Principles

Siteground concentrates its services on some underlying principles. They give clear indications for what they offer and preach as a part of their services. The impact of these principles is visible in how they structure their plans and packages. Those service principles are:

  • They design their projects by keeping security as a priority
  • A firm emphasis is on fully managed services where users have the liberty of focusing on their website’s other needs
  • Technical Prowess through in-house software solutions brings a particular level of quality to its services.

You can see these reflections in the services that Siteground has compiled. But before going into the full range of core offerings, let’s look at some tools and additional features from Siteground.

Siteground Additional Offerings

Siteground focuses solely on the hosting portion, but that’s not the only offering they provide for their clients. There are a host of tools and features that are available to the customers. Let’s have a look at them.

Siteground Website Building

If you are not entirely sure of how you can approach the building of your site, then SIteground has some substantial website builder tools to help you build your website from scratch. You can develop your website using WordPress and Weebly platforms. The easy-to-make platform helps you get your website up and running in a flash.

Siteground Website Migration

Moving websites across domains and hosts can be a hassle and might need some extra effort on your part. But if you can migrate websites with help from your web hosting platform, that just makes the work much more comfortable. Siteground provides a WordPress website migration plugin to help you migrate your site within Siteground hosting panels. Siteground also offers professional migration services. You can get expert migration services for as low as $30/site.

Siteground Collaboration Tools

SiteGround also recognizes the need for collaboration among team members, and that is why they have added collaboration tools as a part of specialized services. They easily add collaborators to the site and site management tools across select Siteground web hosting packages. You can also transfer sites from your Siteground account to another account easily using the collaboration tool. They arrange a white label reselling using this tool.

Siteground Hosting Services

Now we get to the actual crux of the matter. It was necessary to talk about the additional features because these features can complement the core set of features quite well. Siteground has compiled a whole range of hosting plans with functionality in mind. Their approach is quite straightforward regarding set packages. They currently have four boxes in terms of hosting. They are

  • Web hosting (Shared)
  • Managed WordPress Hosting
  • Woocommerce Hosting
  • Cloud Hosting

Now let’s look at the Hosting packages a bit closely.

Siteground Web Hosting

The web hosting services by SIteground continue with their attention to detail and the trend of focusing on specific metrics. They focus on storage, website coverage, and visitor count. These are the differentiating factors of the three plans. They also ensure some extra benefits like

  • Superfast website
  • Security measures
  • Ease of site management
  • Domain support
  • Email Service

Web hosting packages help to provide these metrics for new, small-scale web practitioners. Siteground Shared hosting plans start from $3.95/month.

Siteground Managed WordPress Hosting

The surge of the WordPress platform for website operations has meant that hosting services rise as an answer to that. Managed WordPress is also a buzzword currently in the hosting service circles. Siteground has also brought on managed WordPress plans. There is an emphasis on visitors in this range of programs as well. Managed WordPress plans also have a certain number of benefits along with the projects as well.

  • Free SSL certificates for secure connection
  • Regular Backups
  • Email
  • Staging tools
  • Developer Toolkit
  • Collaborations

These features help to get WordPress sites in an easily manageable state. There is also customer support which ensures that constant help is available for customers. WordPress hosting plans start from $3.95/month.

Siteground Woocommerce Hosting

E-commerce needs unique websites with exclusive benefits. To host these websites, you need some tools for extensive assistance. Not many hosting providers give concentrated hosting plans for Woocommerce. Siteground is an exception to that rule. Siteground brings on the best possible Woocommerce hosting options for WordPress eCommerce sites powered by Woocommerce. Woocommerce hosting has certain benefits like the other plans which include:

  • Free Cloudflare support
  • Smart Caching features
  • Fast support
  • Managed Updates
  • Secure Connection with Free SSL
  • Anti-bot AI security measures
  • Custom WAF

These can help your woo-commerce site get excellent conversion and visitors at the same time. Similar pricing principles are in place here as well, with packages starting from $3.95/month.

Siteground Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is a fast and flexible solution for your hosting needs. If you have an enterprise-level website active, then cloud hosting services are the way to go. Siteground offers cutting-edge cloud hosting plans for your website. Four programs provide multiple core processing, various RAM volumes, Fast SSD storage, and data transfer capabilities. Added benefits include:

  • Dedicated Resources
  • Managed Services
  • Automatic Scaling
  • Sub-account management
  • The Cloud Hosting plans start from $80/month

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