PrivateVPN is what you think it is. From the name, it is quite evident that it puts privacy above any other notion. PrivateVPN can distribute value through its services and also provide PrivateVPN Coupon codes on them. A VPN service is a pinnacle of providing privacy above any other. If any server-side person is looking into your browsing activity, then a VPN intervenes.

The VPN service offers privacy for your comfort. Privacy is the first and foremost selling point for PrivateVPN. But it’s not the only aspect you should be looking at when you are considering your choice of service. We should see some of the elements that deliver the very basics of a VPN service. For that, we need confirmation regarding the topics below

  • Encryption Type
  • Speed
  • Streaming Access
  • Server Locations and Reach
  • Device support
  • Pricing
  • Added benefits

We will also look at how you can achieve discount deals from PrivateVPN.

Encryption Quality of PrivateVPN

First, off the bat, we need to talk about encryption. Your VPN connection means having a virtual private server. A VPN server reroutes and fulfills your service request by hiding specific details regarding your link. So, it encrypts your details to make sure no one can see them. As PrivateVPN prides itself on providing individual privacy, discussing encryption should be the priority.

PrivateVPN has AES-256-Bit-encryption standards. One thing to note is that PrivateVPN has a rule that most other top VPN services follow. So you don’t have to worry about the encryption performance. Moreover, encryption is also of standard. Military and defense groups use this type of security measure. So, you can assure yourself of the topmost quality of encryption for your protection.

How fast is PrivateVPN?

PrivateVPN has some other things going for it. If there is a complicated process, it might be lengthy on the client side. But PrivateVPN is not shabby for its service backup. Testing with essential speed testing tools, then in most cases records 26.6 Mbps. So, PrivateVPN speeds are entirely satisfactory, with a standard rate. Your connections will be quick, and you can work or enjoy at average speeds.

Streaming Access of PrivateVPN

We have content everywhere around us. But unfortunately, not all of it is accessible. There are lots of streaming services from where you can stream movies & TV series. However, not all of the content is accessible to all parts of the world. But a crucial USP of a VPN service is that it can bypass the content blockage. PrivateVPN is an excellent way to access blocked content. The benefits regarding content are

  • Access to popular streaming services (Hulu, Netflix)
  • Anonymity across the net
  • No buffer during streaming
  • Perfect Video Quality
  • No pixelization

Server Location and Reach

A VPN service’s range is as effective as its servers are. The rerouting and IP hiding are possible only because of server locations around the world.

It becomes quite problematic if you don’t have several designated servers across the globe on your VPN service. You will only have a few servers to bounce off from another server. Then, evil parties will recognize your server pattern and surely find your information.

PrivateVPN servers have 100+ servers in over 60 countries. The number of servers is just sufficient enough. You can have a reach in most of the continents. But one problematic feature regarding the reach is that there aren’t enough servers. So the coverage might get monotonous.

Device Support for PrivateVPN

Device support is one of the more crucial aspects of a VPN service. The type of medium you use to access the browser or the web has many options. An ideal VPN can support the majority of devices. PrivateVPN just about makes it in that department. The types of systems and tools that support PrivateVPN are

Desktops & Laptops: The leading two platforms support PrivateVPN. You can find desktop software for both macOS and Windows PCs. The latest versions support PrivateVPN
Mobile: Android and iOS support PrivateVPN. The PrivateVPN APK and the iPhone App are available on the respective app stores. Android Pie and iOS 13 support PrivateVPN
Router: It’s a good idea to install your VPN into your router. Router VPN will offer VPN security to all the devices under Wi-Fi. PrivateVPN also has this feature. The routers from Synology, Asus, Linksys, RT, DD-WRT, Tomato, and Qnap all support PrivateVPN on their routers.

What are the PrivateVPN pricing packages?

Package PRICE
13-month Subscription
  • $3.82/month
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One Month Subscription
  • $7.67/month
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Three Month Subscription
  • $4.88/month
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Additional benefits

  • There are Ipv6 leak tests to see if there was any loss in data regarding the connection
  • You can also check if you ever had a DNS Leak Test
  • There is a Killswitch option to make sure no you lose no data during VPN failure
  • Customer service is very regular and dedicated. There is a 24/7 customer care support system with PrivateVPN. You can also have email support for your queries. Replies are quick with easy fixes for your problems.
  • If you have a subscription for your team, then you can remotely install PrivateVPN on the Desktop environments with Team Viewer
  • There is a Stealth option in PrivateVPN. It helps you bypass obstructions and stringent firewalls in censor-heavy countries like China. This feature also conceals the fact that you are using a VPN

PrivateVPN Coupon Codes and offers

PrivateVPN offers are available at many points in the year. Some are customary. Like if you buy a 13-month subscription, you get 65% off which gives you a price tag of $3.82/month. The discount is a part of their sales promotion that is always available.

As with many digital services, PrivateVPN also offers marvelous offers on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. You can get over 90% off on VPN services. Checking the website during November will help you understand these offers.

Other than these times, New Year’s, and Christmas also have PrivateVPN promo codes and offers with the respective themes of the holiday. You can also see IPVanish

Main Takeaways

  • Good Encryption
  • Speed is Satisfactory
  • Not as many servers as the market leaders
  • Not enough devices in support
  • Additional features are sufficient, although not available in Mobile or macOS versions.