Finding a trusted domain hosting register is a hard task to do. Due to that Porkbun came up to solve all your domain registration hassle. Though the name of Porkbun is pretty funny the service they have provided throughout the past years is professional and has the least number of complaints. That is why Porkbun can be your most trusted domain registration partner. In this blog, we will show you all the ins & outs of Porkbun so that you can get all the information before onboarding to this domain registrar.

First, we will start with the features of the Porkbun domain registrar. They are using state-of-the-art technology to give you the most pleasant domain registration service. You will get all the industry-standard features of domain registration at the lowest possible price. Here is the list of major features you will get from Porkbun:

Porkbun Features:

  • The bulk domain search option is one of the major options you will get from Porkbun
  • Plenty of free add-ons with the initial domain registration option. The options are Free Whois privacy guard, free SSL certificates, Free hosting & email trail, etc.
  • Lower in domain registration price considering other domain registers.
  • Plenty of tld are available
  • Premium domain management tools are available
  • URL & email forwarding options are available
  • For securing the domain authority you will get 2FA, WebAuthen, email notifications, and many more
  • Fastest customer support for your query
  • Flexible payment option to register a domain
  • Promotional offers & coupon codes are available throughout the year

Porkbun Products & Services

Porkbun offers a wide range of products so that you do not need to search for things from here and there. Guaranteed quality, fastest service, and premium security features have made them acceptable to thousands of people each year. Due to this, the number of people transferring their domain from here is pretty low. Let’s roll with the products & services of Prokbun.

Domain Registration Service:

This is the most major service provided by Porkbun to its customers all the time. They are among the top trusted premium domain registrars on the internet with free domain tools.

Web Hosting Service:

A domain needs hosting to get exposed on the web. They have the most high-performance web hosting solution to meet all your hosting demands with up to 90 days of free hosting trial. So you can choose the best one for you. You can also transfer your domain into the new hosting without any fee. You will also get free package migration if you need it.

Website Builder:

Porkbun website builder has made it easier to make your website as you like without any programming knowledge. In the meantime, their website builder has drag-and-drop tools by which you can build your website in the fastest possible time.

Managed WordPress Service:

WordPress now owns more than 70% of the website market. That’s why optimized WordPress hosting is mandatory. Porkbun offers managed WordPress hosting for just $10 per month with 15 days free trial.

cPanel Hosting:

Cpanel hosting is the most diverse control panel for your website. More than 60% of the website owners use cPanel to handle their website domain & hosting. You can also use this Porkbun cPanel hosting as managed WordPress hosting at just 10/month.

Email Hosting:

Many people & businessmen find email hosting very necessary for them as they are using a lot of email for their business and marketing purposes. Porkbun email hosting offers the fastest processing time, low spam records, a trusted contact system, premium email features, and many more.

Whois Guard & DNS Management Support:

These things are very mandatory for many people to secure privacy and manage the domain to keep it secure and make the best out of it. For enterprise users, DNS management is a great issue for handling their domain and other staff.

Domain-Related Support:

Registering a domain is not the only thing by which you can make it secure. You need to make it workable by hosting the domain into a hosting package, URL forwarding & email forwarding are also needed with a domain. Porkbun gives you almost all the secondary support services you need for a domain.

Porkbun Review by the users

If you are looking for a Porkbun review then you may look into the domain review sites or international platforms those who are reviewing the domain hosting review websites. In most cases, you will find it very satisfying to see the review of Porkbun. If you seek to review and opinion from the existing users then that may also give you enough positive support to enroll in Porkbun. As per our market research, we can give Porkbun a rating of 4.7/5; which is typically a great rating standard considering the market.

Porkbun Coupons & Promo Codes

Naturally, Porkbun offers numerous promo codes to get discounts on the buying domain. In 2019, they announced the year as “The Year of Bun ”. In that campaign, Porkbun gives a massive discount on the .com domain. Simultaneously, they offer a .design domain for just $1 for the first year. In most cases, you can buy almost any kind of domain from Porkbun at the best price. Porkbun does not set a high price for domain renewals. This is one of the major issues for users.

Almost all the time, they have these kinds of promotional offers for their clients. You can choose any of these offers because there is no hidden condition in those offers. You can visit our store to get all the latest offers, Porkbun Coupons & Promo Codes offers to save your money.

**** Last suggestion: Please review at least ¾ domain registrar before purchasing any domain or hosting. That will give you a clear idea of how to get connected to the best domain hosting service providers.