Namesilo: Best & Secured Domain & Hosting Solution

Namesilo is probably one of the few online web service providers that concentrate on the most straightforward metrics regarding your online needs. That is why Namesilo is perhaps one of the better web services you should consider. The services you need are all in one place with this service provider. Domain, Hosting, Aftermarket, Reseller, and more types of services are on offer with Namesilo at the helm. It concentrates first and foremost on the domain services, which constitute the fundamental necessity of a website. But why you should use these services is the first knowledge you need to know.

If you want to work on the web, you need a presence online. This presence means that you need to be visible to people on the internet. There are some fundamental things you need. Firstly, you need to have a website because that represents your existence. Then, you need a domain or address for that specific website.

After you have the Domain straightened, you need to get hosting as hosting makes sure that your website loads to the user’s machine. If all these things aren’t covered, then your website doesn’t have any existence. Namesilo is one option that covers the bases and also gives you more to work on.

Let’s take a closer look at the Namesilo Services.

Namesilo Range of Services

As we mentioned above, you need a specific number of benefits to get your online venture or website to get on. These benefits come in the form of some services. We talked briefly about these services before. These are the main things that Namesilo concentrates on. If we want to break them down, then we can see:

  • Web Hosting
  • Marketplace
  • API
  • Domains
  • Security
  • Email
  • Reseller

They have specific features and prices attached to them. Namesilo Promo codes and deals are also available, and we will talk about them as well.

Namesilo Pricing

Product/Service Price
Web Hosting Starts From $2.99/month
SSL Certificates Starts from $9.59/month
Domain Registration $8.89/month for .com
Auction bid $18 lowest

Namesilo Web Hosting

Web Hosting is one of the fundamental things associated with website management. Namesilo provides affordable options for your web hosting needs. They have shared hosting plans. There are three hosting plans, and these incorporate the basic needs of hosting features into the strategies.

The basic benefits include:

  • Up to 60 GB of storage
  • Multiple website support in the more premium plans
  • cPanel support
  • WordPress Installation
  • Website Builder options

The programs vary in the room, and the number of websites the program supports in hosting.

Namesilo Marketplace

This offering is an aftermarket for domain sales. You can find top-level domains with excellent visitor metrics up for grabs in this marketplace. You can see the list of domain names very quickly. The bidding system ensures that you can get high-quality domains in the auction.

This auction can help you kickstart your online campaign with excellent metrics. It might be a severe learning curve to get to know your way around the bidding system, but you will get the hang of it once you see other processes. You can see the starting prices and additional information directly from the website.

Namesilo API

The Namesilo Domain API is a nifty tool for the developers to utilize the domain system properly. There is a manual of sorts on the website to help you through some of the underlying API controls you can use. Some of the main features of the API include

  • Request Formatting
  • The Response format
  • The operations available
  • Response codes

These manuals help you to use the API to sift through and code your way to convenient ways to get your domains. The standard code formats, responses, and other information help developers understand the Domain API a bit better.

Namesilo Domain Services

The domains are probably the highlights of Namesilo. As discussed earlier, we can buy domains in an auction system from Namesilo. You can easily search for the name of your necessary domain name, get suggestions for your domain name according to availability, and also register your domain name.

They transfer your domain name quite quickly with Namesilo as well. You can also do a WHOIS lookup for any domain you want. WHOIS lookup lets you find the ownership of your Domain. These exhaustive domain services can help you get a working area with extra benefits.

Namesilo Security

You can also get security features for your website and Domain. The fundamental service Namesilo provides are the three types of SSL certificates you can get. These certificates can help you secure the connection from your hosting server to the user’s device.

The certification also helps protect against fraud and identity theft against domains. There is also the matter of domain privacy. The domain privacy feature helps you to keep the information regarding your Domain safe.

Namesilo Email Services

As the standard goes with most online service providers, Namesilo also provides email services. There is support for Gsuite where you can link your custom domain with Gsuite tools. You can also connect your existing Domain with the Gsuite. Along with these email functions, you get email forwarding free of cost with Namesilo.

Namesilo Reseller Hosting

There is a domain reseller group of plans with Namesilo. You can bundle your services with domain benefits to get excellent customer engagement. You can get awesome benefits as a part of the reseller program. These include

  • Freedom from costs
  • Grouped Discounts
  • API support
  • Integration with the third-party
  • Access to above 300+ top-level domains

These benefits make for a very engaging reseller program

How and when to get Namesilo Coupon Codes and deals?

We all love a bit of a discount with our shopping, and online services are no exception. Namesilo coupon codes are available throughout the year on specific functions as a part of some promotional campaigns. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are prime times to find great discounts. You can get discounts of up to 90% with these Namesilo Promo codes.

For domain registration, you may get a special discount on certain sites. These discounts are available all year long. Before purchasing any service from Namesilo please have a visit to our Namesilo store to get the latest deals and offers.

A piece of Advice

Namesilo has a significant auction system in place, and domains are their specialty. Web hosting is just good enough and should work for beginner-level usage. The other services are a niche for some groups, and you should read the descriptions properly to get the service you want.