In this day and age, there are innumerable ways to organize your businesses online. One of the most important ones is building a website. However, just creating a website is not sufficient.

Organizing your multimedia, information, and business files carefully is equally important. For this purpose, hosting companies create value. They help you maintain everything on your website and overcome every possible challenge that comes your way. Knownhost VPS Hosting is also such a company. It enables you to organize your website while securing it with a package of features. This article will walk you through a detailed review of knownhost.

So, without further ado, let’s roll on.

Knownhost Review: Web Hosting

Knownhost Background

If you’re not a newbie to web hosting, you’ve probably known about it. Knownhost has customers spreading over more than 100 countries. Though Knownhost is a private company, it is a global brand that people recognize everywhere.

Being an international brand, Knownhost aims to meet all the requirements of its customers. It is a U.S.-based company that has been operating for 15 years. It operates from West Chester in the United States.

Knownhost is a Linux-based company. It offers different packages, including VPS, dedicated, and WordPress plans. In addition to the basic plan, Knownhost also offers reseller hosting and cloud-based plans.

To provide you with a comprehensive Knownhost review, we will walk you through the plans Knownhost offers with their respective rates.

Knownhost Management

All the hosting plans that Knownhost offers are fully managed. Therefore, the company holds itself responsible for handling all the technical stuff for you. Thus, you may run your website successfully even if you’re not a digital pro.

Here, we’ll discuss all the hosting solutions individually to help you in making an informed decision.

KnownHost Infrastructure

KnownHost runs four data centers: One in Europe and three in the United States. The three in the U.S. are Baltimore, Dallas, and Seattle- standing for the eastern, facility, and west of the country.

The only European data center is in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Data Center Safety

They’re enterprise-level hosting centers. All data centers have 24-hour multiple network connections, repetitive power products, and on-site safety.

Test Downloads

Examination downloads are attended to all four data centers. Due to this, customers may make an informed decision. It is worth doing if the target market is outside the U.S.

KnownHost Kinds of Web Hosting Plans

Knownhost Shared Web Hosting

All website owners do not have already established websites. If you are still into building an effective site, you may opt for a Knownhost shared hosting plan.

Knownhost offers a shared hosting plan in different forms. This includes shared Cloud, reseller Cloud, and WordPress hosting. Every customer will get his part of the server space for the shared hosting plan but must share capacity and bandwidth with the other website holders.

Most people go for Knownhost shared hosting as it’s not only budget-friendly but also simple to use. If you’ve got a website that is still experiencing low or medium traffic, the selection of a shared hosting plan would be a good place to begin.

The following are the three plans in the shared hosting plan, and you can choose from:

  • Basic
  • Standard
  • Professional

To get the best prices for the above plans, you may subscribe for a long period, for instance, three years.

If you explore more about Knownhost reviews, you’ll get to know that some individuals get discounted rates for shared hosting plans. While the basic plan and standard plan offer unlimited bandwidth, the professional plan has unlimited bandwidth.

All the plans differ from each other in terms of other resources such as databases, domains, storage, and email accounts.

Although the shared hosting plan from Knownhost has much to offer, it does have a few limitations. If you deal with data-heavy content or experience a good deal of traffic on your website, you must consider a higher hosting plan upgrade.

Knownhost also offers at least four reseller plans and two WordPress hosting plans. You get budget-friendly prices for these plans with reasonable resources.

If you favor a WordPress hosting plan, choose a hosting plan from Knownhost that provides your website the capability to hold up to at least 100,000 visitors. Knownhost doesn’t allow customers to host more than one website on any of the WordPress plans.

When you pick a WordPress plan from Knownhost, you will have access to everything you need to run a website successfully.

To illustrate, the plans offer free backups, automatic updates, free migration, round-the-clock customer support, free backups, and free security tools.

The Knownhost shared web hosting plans cost $3.47 per month.

Knownhost VPS Hosting

Unlike other web-hosting providers, Knownhost has an affordable VPS hosting plan. It accommodates most of the requirements of the site developers as it offers more than four VPS hosting plans containing different features.

Knownhost uses virtualization technology to accommodate physical server resources. VPS hosting allows the allocation of resources with strict terms. Due to this, the logistics of a VPS hosting plan are similar to that of a shared hosting plan.

By selecting a Knownhost VPS hosting plan, you don’t have to worry about other web developers tapping into your resources. Thus, this leads to improved performance.

Knownhost Dedicated Server

Knownhost takes care of committed servers that lie in the Texas data center. They’re offered on a totally managed basis, so you do not have to be a Unix specialist to utilize them.

You may pick from four plans. The lowest-level plan is available on an Intel i7 CPU. However, the others are built on Xeon processors. Or else, the plans only vary in how many sources they offer.

The lowest-priced web server, KH-MD1, sets you back $159 each month. It includes 1 TB SATA storage, 256 GB SSD, 6TB bandwidth, and 8 GB RAM.

Note that there are setup charges for these plans. They may vary from $49 to $129.

Knownhost WordPress Hosting

WordPress is the simplest using host in the market. Most providers offer WordPress hosting plans.

The CMS is the fastest solution available for WordPress without any issues of self-management of servers. The plans cost around $ 5.98 per month with the saving of maximum dollars when you apply the KnownHost Coupon Code.

Cloud-Based Plans

Knownhost also offers managed and unmanaged cloud-based plans. If you don’t want to handle any difficult stuff, you may choose from the three managed cloud-based VPS plans. They’re costly compared to the unmanaged cloud-based plans since the cheaper one will cost around $50.40 per month.

This plan contains 75 GB storage, 2 TB bandwidth, 1 CPU core, and 2GB RAM. If you select a managed option, you provide Knownhost the mandate to handle all the management, configuration, maintenance, and infrastructure-related problems of your website.

The cheapest unmanaged cloud-based plan is $ 9.99 per month. It offers 25 GB cloud storage, 2 TB bandwidth, 1vCPU, and 2GB RAM.

The Billing Services

When you’ve decided to subscribe to the most suitable plan, you may either go for monthly, quarterly or annually.

Some hosting plans require additional fees. Knownhost allows to make payments easily through regular payment options; for instance, debit cards and PayPal.If you’re a new Knownhost customer, it will offer a money-back guarantee for a month.

You may always get a refund if you want to cancel your subscription to the plan. However, you must learn that this refund policy can not apply to the dedicated hosting plans.

Knownhost Features

In the KnownHost services, you will get some more reasons to use the services of KnownHost. The following are the services you get in the KnownHost.

24/7 Knownhost Support Services

KnownHost’s 24/7 support services are very helpful for its customers. Knownhost believes in providing the best quality services & its support team is very friendly and helpful.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you’re not happy with the Knownhost services, then you may refund the services within 30 days. You may avail of this offer with the KnownHost 30-day money-back guarantee feature.

Ultra-High Performance

With optimized software & SSD, RAID runs on premium networking and hardware. These features will make your website perform at its best.

Instant Free Setup

If you intend to use the Knownhost services, then you’ll get the best and easiest to set up features.

99% Uptime

For better dependability, a better uptime will be very viable for you. Thus, in the Knownhost services, you’ll get 99.9% powerful uptime.

Knownhost Review: Some Pros

Now, we’ll reveal why you must select Knownhost over the rest of the web hosting providers. We’ll discuss in detail what Knownhost offers. Apart from mentioning the available plans, we’ll tell you why Knownhost and what you may gain from it. Scroll down to read on!

Customers Assistance

KnownHost clients are provided with an extremely comprehensive knowledge base and also a download library loaded with valuable guidebooks and software programs, as well as numerous ways to call the firm for account inquiries or technical support.

Especially, there’s a well-arranged wiki with overviews rated by the problem as well as there’s an area forum organized by subject. An additional resource: the KnownHost blog site. Kinsta Vs Knownhost.

Live chat is for pre-sales: this is an excellent way to obtain inquiries responded to when you’re still in the decision stage.

Knownhost Performance

According to most of the reviews, Knownhost continues to grow as it does not fail its customers. The myriads of positive reviews and just a few negative reviews are a clear indication of this.

Unlike other web host developers, Knownhost sticks true to its words. One of the factors that you must take into consideration is to evaluate the overall performance of a web host by considering the uptime rate.

This is out of a few web hosting companies that offer up to 99.9% uptime. This means that you must not experience any downtime, which may affect your online store negatively. Knownhost goes the extra mile to promise you a credit refund if it fails to meet its uptime guarantee.

If Knownhost fails to deliver this guarantee, expect to receive free hosting for a whole month. This is a unique feature that you wouldn’t find in most web hosting companies. However, the guarantee can’t apply if the downtime problems originate from internal website applications or planned maintenance.

Moreover, you may gauge the performance of a web host taking into account its speed rates. While running a website, you need to make sure that the web host can make it as fast as possible to curb high bounce rates.

Numerous reviewers have conducted tests to evaluate the speed rates of Knownhost. From most of the findings, it maintains high-speed rates most of the time.

One Click Installer

Some of the standard features you may find in all the shared hosting plans are the Softaculous installer, SSD cloud storage, and Litespeed.

These features not only boost the performance of your site but also provide you with the easy installation of the apps you require. Furthermore, you can also enjoy free SSL certificates to give your customers the peace of mind of knowing that your site is safe.

Multiple Data Centers

The company has different data centers found in Washington, Amsterdam, Maryland, and Texas. Also, it has a support office in Alabama.

All the data centers of Knownhost are quite reliable. They associate with some giant network carriers in the US and Europe. According to most of the Knownhost reviews, Knownhost offers not only remarkable network performance but also exceptional reliability.

You may enjoy potential leads from all over the globe due to the use of world-class data centers. Also, knownhost provides you the freedom to confirm the connection speeds before a subscription.

Make use of the test file and test IP address if you have to download the website of Knownhost. It works with secure data centers that are fully redundant so you don’t worry about security concerns.

Affiliate Program

Want to know how you can earn some extra cash from working with Knownhost? For this, make use of the available affiliate program and earn a commission for referrals. You don’t require any technical knowledge or pay anything to be a part of the Knownhost affiliate program.

When you sign up, the web host will send you banners and referrals that you may utilize on digital properties. If someone clicks on the link of referrals and buys some Knownhost plan, you’ll get some commission.

The range may vary from $ 10 to $ 300. You can expect these payouts at the start of the month. Getting something extra while working with Knownhost always motivates customers.

Migration Service

As soon as you select a hosting plan, Knownhost helps you migrate your website from the previous web host you’ve been working with to Knownhost. You can easily migrate your website without the risk of any downtime.

Refund Policy

At times, you may change your mind to work with a particular web host. The capability to get back your refund after payments always provides people with peace of mind as nobody wants to lose money due to no refund policy.

The selection of Knownhost makes sure that this does not happen to you. It will offer you a money-back guarantee for at least a month. This will give you enough time to examine the services and make an informed decision. Also, it saves you from any future regret.

Helpful Freebies

The best thing about Knownhost is that you not only get to enjoy the basic features but also a few additional elements.

Knownhost offers some helpful features at no additional cost. For instance, it allows you to back up the data daily and adds a sheet of security to save your website from a DDoS attack.

Moreover, it features Comodo cWatch, server hardening, and Brute force protection. Through the freebies, you can be assured of a high-performing website that will attract many customers. Thanks to additional freebies such as Litespeed and LsCache, your site viewers will have no problem when instantly accessing the content of your website.

Knownhost Review: Some Cons

Lack of A Few Features

Some people believe that shared hosting plans by Knownhost are a bit costly compared to others. Although Knownhost offers a variety of features, it doesn’t offer some ancillary website services like a site builder.

This limits some inexperienced customers. As Knownhost can manage most of the aspects, you won’t have much freedom managing your website. This is why many tech-savvy are not satisfied with this.

Not For A Complete Beginner

Although Knownhost offers some shared hosting plans, it is not the best for complete web hosting beginners.

If you’re not accustomed to web hosting, begin by reading the wiki guides that Knownhost offers, to know more about hosting before you subscribe to a plan.

Extra Charges

If you select a dedicated server, be ready to pay setup fees added to the regular price of the desired plan. Some people also raise concerns about VPS plans. Knownhost may charge you some extra fee for accessing and using the cPanel.

No Windows Support

Like other web-hosting providers, Knownhost too has some limitations that you must beware of before you sign up. As Knownhost is Linux-based, it doesn’t support Windows.

Knownhost Review: Comparison with Other Web Hosting Providers

Here, we present you the comparison of other web hosting providers with Knownhost. So, you may choose wisely while comparing known hosts with others.

Knownhost vs Hostgator

Now, Here’s a comparison between Hostgator and KnownHost based on the features, prices, support,  and uptimes of both.

Here, we also compare features side by side in detail. Unless otherwise specified, the features we mention here refer to the cheap packages available from Knownhost and Hostgator. They need not be equal in terms of prices.

Hostgator or KnownHost? Which is better?

Buying the right hosting service is an initial objective to ensure a reliable online presentation. Whether it’s for online business, a content website, outreach, or any other purpose, your website depends on the hosting service’s ability to manage traffic and technical incidents.

To help you compare the appropriate balance of price and product tools for your situation, utilize our comparison review site to get the big picture and key features of the hosting companies.

You may easily compare KnownHost with HostGator while comparing their specifications, among others: the control panel. After you have decided which web host is a better product, you may request a demo or free trial to assess the performance in a real setting.

We are doing our best to put together reviews of all popular solutions available in the market, but among them, these three caught our special attention: Hostgator and KnownHost are two popular US-based hosting providers that came into existence only a few years apart; Hostgator earlier in 2002 and KnownHost later in 2006.

Besides, both of them have a convincing international client base, and both of them offer a variety of hosting services and products that include domain registration, dedicated servers, reseller hosting, VPS hosting, WordPress hosting, cloud hosting, and shared hosting.

It is a difficult task, but we will do our best to help you decide which one is better.


Hostgator and KnownHost both publish comprehensive and very informative knowledge bases including tutorials and FAQs. However, HostGator also offers video tutorials and remote support via TeamViewer.

Both web hosting companies offer reliable support. You may benefit from live chat, toll-free telephone, and ticket support in both cases.


KnownHost offers two price plans while HostGator offers three price plans. Moreover, most of the HostGator plans come at cheaper rates. Thus, HostGator takes the lead about value for money.

Both vendors allow monthly billing payments, from monthly to quarterly, semi-annually, annually, biennially, and triennially, both Knownhost and HostGator offer billing options generously.

KnownHost offers an industry-average 30-day money-back guarantee while HostGator steps ahead and offers 45 day money-back guarantee.

You may pay with debit/credit cards or PayPal in each case. However, HostGator also accepts wire transfers, money orders, and cheques.

Ease of Use

In both cases, the above-mentioned one-click installers make it easier for you to install CMS applications such as PrestaShop, Magento, Drupal, Joomla, and WordPress.

Both hosting companies feature drag-and-drop website builders with a lot of distinct templates, so you may make your website without any programming knowledge or web designing skills.

Moreover, the cPanel control panel comes as a standard with all Knownhost and HostGator hosting plans. It is user-friendly and offers you complete control over your website.


Despite their differences, Knownhost and HostGator have the following features in common:

  • Regular backups
  • 9% uptime guarantee
  • Website Builder
  • One-click installer
  • cPanel control panel
  • Free SSL certificates
  • Unlimited SSD storage (only on the Knownhost premium plans)
  • Unlimited bandwidth

Although both the hosting companies feature a one-click application installer. KnownHost beats HostGator by offering the well-known Softaculous software installer.

While HostGator offers lesser-known QuickInstall. Besides being well known, Softaculous is more simple, reliable, and user-friendly.

HostGator offers unlimited bandwidth and unlimited storage with all its plans. Whereas KnownHost offers unlimited bandwidth with all its plans but offers unlimited storage only with the premium plan.

The Bottom Line

Although both Knownhost and Hostgator are similar in so many ways, there are some features that Knownhost offers better while other features that Hostgator offers better.

So, you may make an informed choice while taking into account your preferences.

Knownhost vs Liquidweb

KnownHost or LiquidWeb? Which is better? You may get the right hosting solution to satisfy your web traffic and other demands. However, different web hosts offer different plans, and deciding the right plan may be confusing.

Using our platform, you may get help in shortlisting hosting service plans that satisfy your budget and requirements. By utilizing our guide, it’s simple to analyze the pros and cons of KnownHost.

We aggregate features about the pros and cons of the two hosting platforms to let you choose the right one. Moreover, drill down to details to compare the important features of each web host, including server location.

We know that people do not have much time to scrutinize a large number of different products. Therefore, we have prepared a list of suggestions that you may find important.

Knownhost Features

  • Security Optimizations & 500Gbps+ DDoS Protection
  • Four different global data centers
  • Automatic Updates
  • Premium Raid Storage
  • Free Migrations
  • SSD Cloud Backed
  • Powered by LiteSpeed Webserver

Liquidweb Features

  • Control Panel
  • Backups
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • PHP
  • My SQL
  • Uptime Guarantee
  • WordPress

Both KnownHost and LiquidWeb are popular web hosting companies that provide several shared, VPS, and dedicated hosting packages.

Here are some features according to which we will compare the hosting companies.

Control Panel

You may select from different options of the control panel if the hosting company is KnownHost. Yes, you may select either the DirectAdmin or the cPanel.

LiquidWeb has both the Plesk and the cPanel control panels depending on the form of your hosting server (Windows or Linux). Even so, you will need to pay for the usage of any of the control panels.

Thus, we will declare a draw between both the hosting companies for this part.

Free Domain

KnownHost does not offer any free domains with any of the hosting packages. On the other hand, Liquid Web does not have any free domain-providing feature either.

Thus, you may consider a tie between these hosting companies.

Bandwidth Offer

All the hosting packages from KnownHost come with a sufficient amount of bandwidth. Although you won’t have any unlimited options.

On the other hand, LiquidWeb also comes with the same feature. The dedicated and VPS hosting plans mostly represent this form of feature.

Thus, Liquidweb and KnownHost reach a draw.

Disk Space

There is no unlimited storage property in the hosting plans of KnownHost. The same thing is true in the case of LiquidWeb. The reason for this is that most dedicated and VPS hosting plans do not offer unlimited storage of disk space.

Thus, we may consider that both the hosting companies approach a draw in this part.


KnownHost will again make you happy in this part as you will have a free backup system with all the hosting plans of this hosting company.

On the other hand, the backup of LiquidWeb is not free at all. You will need to pay for availing of this offer.

The premium backup system should win over a free backup system, but if you compare free and paid options, then we will need to consider KnownHost as the winner here as it offers a free backup feature.

Availability Of Dedicated IP Address

Knownhost offers two dedicated IP addresses for free with their hosting plans. On the other hand, LiquidWeb does not offer any free dedicated IP addresses with their hosting plans.

If you need a dedicated IP address for your website, then you’ve got the choice to get it on LiquidWeb.

Thus, KnownHost becomes the winner in this part. This is because it offers a free dedicated IP address.

Types of Server

KnownHost offers only Linux-based servers. On the other hand, LiquidWeb is flexible in terms of this. Yes, LiquidWeb has both Windows and Linux-based servers.

Thus, the winner is LiquidWeb if you require more options when it comes to hosting on the server you prefer.


The server speed of both web hosting companies is below.

You may see that the server speed of KnownHost is one ms which is quite good. Another US speed is two ms. On the other hand, LiquidWeb shows its speed as 28 ms.

Two of the US’s speed scores are one ms and two ms which are excellent. Thus, we may clearly consider Knownhost as the winner of this part.

This was the detailed comparison between Liquidweb and KnownHost. Now, it is your turn to compare both of them and choose the most relevant one for hosting your website.

Knownhost Hosting: FAQs

Here are the Frequently Asked Questions people ask oftentimes about Knownhost Web Hosting Provider.

If We’ve Got A Unique Server Configuration That Requires Special Assistance To Migrate The Website – Will Knownhost Help?

Yes, for sure. Knownhost offers extended migration assistance that starts from $ 35 per hour for each domain. And for this, Knownhost verifies and performs quality assurance to make sure the migration is successful.

Custom quotes are not an issue. As every case is different – Knownhost will happily help you.

I Am Considering Moving to KnownHost But I am Afraid Of All the Hassle In Transferring My Files / Databases – Will KnownHost help?

Yes, for sure. The migration assistance by Knownhost is free for most like-to-like migrations (for example, cPanel to cPanel). You may go through the Knownhost Migration Assistance page for more details.

What Time Is Technical Support Available?

Web hosting support is fully available each day. You may access it twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year. Knownhost always has a support team on duty to repair, monitor, and deal with hosting issues of all forms and complexities.

Does DDoS Protection Come As a Standard Form of All Knownhost Web Hosting Packages?

Yes. Knownhost offers free DDoS protection on its web hosting packages up to 500 gb/s and 700 mp/s for bandwidth and packet-intensive attacks. The most common types are designed to flood your site offline by sending more traffic than it is capable of handling.

Brand XYZ Are Cheaper Than Knownhost. Why Is This The Case?

The on-shore tech team of Knownhost always hosts all the 100% fully managed services. It supports state-of-the-art software, hardware, and networking in world-class data centers.

Above all, a known host doesn’t cut corners. Thus, it may not compete on prices with the other companies that do. If you give the Knownhost sales team a chance, it may be capable of getting you a very competitive quote. Just ask for it!

Which Of The Knownhost Server Plans Is The Fastest?

Usually, dedicated hosting plans are the fastest, with cloud VPS and SSD VPS running neck and neck in the second place.

With the optimizations, you will find all the Knownhost web hosting is lightning fast. The WordPress, reseller, and shared plans are also built on premium hardware, with premium networks, and the expert admin team optimizes it.

Overall, you will not be disappointed by any of the Knownhost web hosting plans.

Do The Knownhost Cheapest Plans Have the Same Management and Uptime?

Obviously. Knownhost does not offer any second-class web hosting services to any of the users. Knownhost aims for 100% uptime and offers full management to all customers.

Why Guarantee 99.9% Uptime While KnownHost Averages Over 99.99%?

This is very simple. Knownhost aims to over-deliver and under-promise. Knownhost rather makes you pleasantly surprised than disappointing you with anything it does.

Are All Hosting Plans Fully Managed?

Yes! All hosting and server accounts with KnownHost are fully managed by the Knownhost tech team in Birmingham, Alabama, USA.

What Is The Free Backup System Like?

A good backup system has several requirements. It must: be free, all automatic, off-server, dependable, and must include regular snapshots. This is why KnownHost offers all of these features in its backup system.

Though it can cost you more money, you must bear in mind that backup systems are important for responsible website owners. This is why Knownhost is free of charge for its users.

Dependability is something Knownhost talks about more often as it has the proven best uptime in the market. The servers are online 99.99 % of the time, and the Knownhost expert support staff is available all the time.

Off-server refers to the storage of the backups away from the system it backs up. Knownhost offers it so that even with a catastrophic failure, the backups are far enough away so that both systems won’t go down simultaneously.

In some instances, taking full snapshots is how Knownhost assures you the ability to roll back a system that has database corruption, has been compromised, or has other major problems.

With Knownhost, you may restore your database, emails, files, HTML, and CSS; thus, almost everything is in just one go. It is fast and simple to work with, making restoration a click-and-go feature.

What Makes KnownHost Web Servers the Best Option?

Undoubtedly, Knownhost is the perfect blend of managed support, low price, dependability, performance, and security. This is what you have with a KnownHost Web Hosting plan subscription.

KnownHost plans around the downtime with the usage of KernelCare. This is why you get updates without taking down the system. Knownhost invests in quality components so that system failures rarely occur.

It spends huge on resourcing, power planning, and various redundant backups so that even a disaster won’t take you offline. This is why Knownhost achieves better than 99.99% uptime across hundreds of servers across many, many years of being in business.

KnownHost takes the premium components like SSDs and network routers. It designs systems taking advantage of the strengths of the components.

Knownhost ensures security by doing more than just providing free SSL certificates or offering 10gbit DDoS prevention. It makes software available like Immunify360 optimizing the server installations so that they are hardened. This gives website owners a starting point.

Knownhost offers you incredible value for your money and includes things you’d pay for otherwise, such as managed services, migrations, backups, Softaculous, and cPanel.

At KnownHost, the team packages together with the most popular and commonly requested, high-performance options and includes them in the basic pricing.

Management is the thing that can separate bargain hosting brands from quality hosting companies. Knownhost has been a managed hosting company for more than 10 years.

Overall, we believe that it takes knowledge and years of experience to offer matchless hosting packages and Knownhost does it perfectly.

When Are Our Renewal Invoices Due / Issued?

Usually, Knownhost generates invoices at least ten days before the respective due date.

Is There Any Downtime if We Upgrade Our VPS?

No, all upgrades are seamless. All of them involve zero downtime.

How Will We Get Our Login Details?

You can get your login details via email.

Do Knownhost Costs Include Tax / VAT?

The Knownhost prices do not include VAT. If you have to submit this tax, you may follow the normal procedure.

Can I Host Adult, Warez, or Illicit Website or Content?

No, you may go through the Knownhost AUP to learn about permissible and non-permissible content.

Where Are Your Servers Located?

Knownhost utilizes TierPoint’s facilities in Amsterdam, NL; Seattle, WA; and Atlanta, GA. For more detailed information, you may visit the Knownhost Network page.

Can We Upgrade Our Account At a Later Time?

Yes, you may upgrade your account at any time. For this, you can email Knownhost at with the customer ID, and Knownhost will take care of your request.

It is worth noting that once your plan upgrades, you can’t request a downgrade of the same plan for at least 30 days.

Does Knownhost Provide Dedicated Dedicated Servers and Managed VPSs?

Yes, Knownhost does offer Fully Managed VPSs, SSD VPSs, and Dedicated Servers. For more detailed information, you may visit the Knownhost Managed Support page.

How Do We Submit Tickets?

Knownhost provides you with the option to submit tickets by just sending them an email. The Knownhost helpdesk will track and monitor your email. Also, you may submit tickets through your billing login.

What Do Managed Services Cover?

To know more about what Knownhost managed support covers, please go through the Knownhost Support Coverage.

Can You Register Domain Names For Us?

Yes! Knownhost offers a full line of domain registration services.

Do We Require Our Domain Names When Signing Up For Hosting Packages?

Yes, to buy hosting packages, you will require your domains.

Will You Migrate My Hosting Account Or Websites From the Other Hosting Providers?

Yes, Knownhost provides free migrations from supported control panels. And, it offers professional services paid migrations for any custom requirement.

Once you get the welcome email, you will need to submit a support ticket through the Knownhost support portal, and it will be happy to help you.

What Type of Payments Does Knownhost Accept?

Knownhost accepts debit and credit cards (American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa) as well as ACH/eCheck payments and PayPal. However, Knownhost does not accept mailed cheques.

How Long Does It Take For Activation Of My Account?

VPSs provision instantly upon successful payments and automated fraud check completion. The system can take up to five minutes to deploy the VPS and send the subscription email. Generally, Knownhost delivers dedicated servers within a day.

Orders that fail automated fraud checks subject to manual order reviews by Knownhost staff. And, this may delay your order.

Does Knownhost Offer an Uptime Guarantee?

Yes, Knownhost offers a 99.9% network uptime guarantee backed by our SLA. Though in the real world, Knownhost averages over 99.99% day in and day out over the past decade.

Does Knownhost Offer a Money-Back Guarantee?

Yes, all the hosting packages of Knownhost excluding Dedicated Servers offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

For the Knownhost 30-day money-back guarantee, only new customers are eligible. If the AUP/TOS agreed upon when ordering is violated, this will also make you ineligible for the 30-day money-back guarantee.

Moreover, Knownhost also reserves the right to not accept any refund request on a case-by-case basis if it feels the services are abused or taken advantage of.

Where Are KnownHost Data Centers?

Knownhost has three data centers stateside: in Maryland, Washington, and Texas. Also, it has one in Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

It has state-of-the-art facilities with redundant power and 24-hour security. Besides, it also includes redundant internet providers.

Does KnownHost Have an Uptime Guarantee?

Yes. Knownhost guarantees 99.9% uptime in any given month. If it fails to achieve that, then for every 0.1% drop in uptime, customers will get a 10% credit for the cost.

However, there are some exceptions to this guarantee, like things that are beyond Knownhost’s control or customer-controlled downtime. You may see the SLA for more details.

Also, note that KnownHost’s actual uptime is much better i.e. around 99.996% generally.

What Support Does Knownhost Offer?

KnownHost offers US-based support 24/7 via ticket and email. According to Knownhost, it will respond to your support requests within ten minutes.

Also, it has a customer forum and a wiki. However, it doesn’t provide support via live chat or telephone.

Are There Any Discount Coupon Codes for KnownHost?

As a matter of fact, yes. Different blogs do have coupon codes for KnownHost.

What is Web Hosting?

There are a lot of methods for defining web hosting that are very application-particular. In simple terms, web hosting is the action of offering space on a server connected to the internet for site hosting.

Web hosting services offer you a dedicated part of the internet for your website files, data, and applications to reside.

KnownHost takes web hosting service one step ahead with its fully managed platforms. For you, it will mean that KnownHost stands by you every step of the way in hosting the web. Thus, it is a full partner in your web hosting experience.

The Wrap Up

All things considered, Knownhost offers reliability, flexibility, and freedom at fairly decent rates. For those who want cloud servers to perform fast, Knownhost would be a viable option.

To be honest, we recommend Knownhost to businesses, online stores, and bloggers on account of the reliable customer support and features on the platform. However, the most convincing thing about Knownhost is its plans and their pricing.

Knownhost uses a few of the best hosting providers while also bridging the gap between application management and server management. And, even beginners may use the interface of Knownhost to set up their server. Moreover, developers have room to play around too.