IX web hosting was established in 2003 and it has been 8 years that they have been in this business. IX web hosting also provides Linux web hosting services. Their average uptime is 99.946%, which ranks #2113 with a total of 7423 successful and 4 failed checks which have been monitored since 25/10/2005. Try to search for IX web hosting on the search engines to learn about IX web hosting and what are its features.

There has been a vote on Ix web hosting and many people came up with their views which are negatives and few are positives. There have been 138 positive votes and more than 250 votes were negative. Although the negative people were more IX web hosting was quite popular and it has been liked by many people. The people who have not liked, it may not have understood the concept but those who did are enjoying all the features which are being provided here.

IX web hosting has lots of cool features and they offer great packages with them.

IX Web Hosting price plan

They offer expert (type Linux) 600 GB of space and 6000 GB bandwidth for $3.95/month. They offer business plus (type Linux) with 1000 GB of space and 8000 GB of bandwidth for $6.45/month. Sometimes it takes a lot of time to buffer which creates a problem for the customers as they want to finish their job as quickly as they can.

IX web hosting has many features and advantages they are as follows. You can create your site the way you want. For that, you don’t have to pay any fees, and it is quick and, it doesn’t take much time and on top of that, you will get the result that you want. It also protects your site from being hacked.

They are also referred to as one of the respected software in the world based on national security which makes sure that your site is not hacked. They do these with the help of 3 steps, which are as follows.


Firstly, you need to check the sites your websites against various blacklists like Firefox, Google, Norton, and many more. Secondly, it also detects whether your websites are getting infected by a virus or not. It keeps your website safe and prevents a lot of problems from being raised. Thirdly and lastly, it helps you to recover your file and correct your file so that your visitors will not be exposed to any more Malware. IX web hosting provides support services and solutions to individuals and businesses worldwide. They just believe in customer satisfaction.

They know if their customers are not satisfied with them then they will not visit their websites again. So customer satisfaction is the key criterion that all business has to take note of as they know without them there would be no future.

So the IX web hosting review satisfies its customers by providing them with the latest technologies as well as cool features so that their customers get satisfied. Well, do not sweat because I have been given the responsibility of giving you a review of the Just IX Web Hosting Company.