All about IPVanish VPN: Pros & Cons

IPVanish VPN has risen as a proper alternative to many of the top-rated VPN services out there. IPVanish Coupon codes can get you those services at a mild price. It has features and pricing that correspond to the needs of the modern web surfer.

A VPN service is a dire need for the billions of netizens in the world right now. There are so many prying eyes and hacking schemes in the interwebs that it is tough for an average person to keep track of making their browsing data protected. But a VPN does that exact thing for you.

Now, IPVanish is a VPN service on the rise, but how does it fare against the industry standards? So let’s break down the Positives and negatives to give you a better idea.

Pro Features of IPVanish

Support for Devices

Your access to the internet relies on the tools you use daily. In the early days, only PCs were the gateway to an internet connection. But as the days progressed, smartphones and now Smart TVs can enter the web.

So a VPN has to give support to an extended range of devices for you to consider their service. Thankfully for IPVanish, it just gives the appropriate number of devices in support. They include

  • PC: On the personal computer side of things, Windows, macOS, Linux, and unconventionally Chrome OS supports IPVanish. So you can get support for the major operating systems across the PC arena.
  • Smartphones & Tablets: In the current time, we go to the web more with phones than PCs. So your VPN has to support the major mobile OSs. IPVanish supports both iOS and Android use, and you can find the apps in respective stores.
  • Smart-TV: Televisions are also using operating systems to deliver a comprehensive viewing experience. Only Fire TV from Amazon supports IPVanish
  • Router: If you have a VPN service installed in your router, then you can give protection for all of the devices under that Wi-Fi. You can easily install IPVanish on several supported Router brands. The brands include Linksys, Netgear, Asus, Invizibox.


The inclusive nature of the internet has also allowed cybercriminals to rise as well. The number of brute force attacks has been on the rise in recent years, and your browsing details have the least degree of security.

IPVanish employs encryption of the AES-256-bit standard. AES-256-bit standard of encryption ensures that your system will never be in danger. The hackers cannot find your physical address or even your IP.

Many security agencies, Governments, and military institutions use AES-256-bit encryption so that you can rest assured.

Specifications and Features.


The inner workings of technology might be foreign to us. But, knowing about the specifications makes you aware of your purchase choices. IPVanish range of configurations puts connection strength above anything else.

The connectivity and notable features include

  • SOCKS5 and OpenVPN protocols
  • You can torrent easily; there is no restriction on downloading with torrents. P2P is also possible
  • There are over 1200 servers across 60 countries. Access to international sites and services is more comfortable.
  • IPVanish does not keep any logs of your browsing traffic. So you can be assured that your data stays private.
  • There is no DNS, IP, or any leak during VPN coverage.

Content access and device number

A new necessity for users is access to content. There are so many streaming services out there and so much material in them. However, there are some regions where you cannot access particular content.

A potent VPN service lets you have access to the blocked content. With IPVanish on board, you can easily access Netflix content, although it unblocks in specific regions.

In some countries, the security is so stringent that a standard VPN service cannot bypass the protection. For those stingy types of countries, the IPVanish service comes with TOR compatibility. You can hook up to 10 devices with IPVanish. So there is coverage for a whole family and friends at a time.

Con Features of IPVanish

Shortage of Device support

We mentioned that IPVanish has just the right number of device support. But, conversely, there aren’t as many devices as well. The smart TV choices are very few, with only one type of OS. The Linux distros aren’t that well defined as well. It would be an excellent addition if IPVanish had the following devices:

  • Consoles
  • More Linux Distros
  • Browser Extensions

Limited Streaming Capabilities

As we discussed, Netflix only connects to a limited number of servers with IPVanish. A VPN has to be able to show content universally. We can’t recommend IPVanish if you have streaming at the top of your demands.

It isn’t clear about Hulu, Amazon, or other streaming services as well. So it’s not super ideal for content access.

Horrid Customer Support

One very disappointing aspect of IPVanish is that their customer service is not up to the mark. It is a bit of an understatement to call it that. Customers have complained that their queries got answered very late.

There is no instant chat system on the website as well. Customers sent emails and got replies after 24-72 hours. So they don’t have the 24/7 support they claim to offer.

The Review Aggregate is less than Satisfactory

Some independent media are calling the service less than ideal. They opine that you can find better deals at this price range and more. The Netflix connection, the need for more devices, and the price tag have gotten more attention.

IPVanish pricing policy

Package Price
One Year subscription $3.99/month
Three Month Subscription $8.99/month
One Month Subscription $10.99/month

So, if you compare with SurfShark or PrivateVPN, they offer lower packages with much more to offer than IPVanish.

Final Verdict

  • Base Level Performance
  • Ticks the Necessity boxes
  • Overpriced compared to similar VPNs
  • Has excellent specifications and large server numbers

IPVanish Coupons & Promo Codes Deals, Offers

IPVanish Promo codes can give you an excellent price for your VPN shopping. But as you saw in the pricing policy, you should wait for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, as that is the prime discount season.

You can also get IPVanish coupon codes at New Year’s, and Christmas sales as well.

Using promo codes and offers during that period can give you 2-3 years of service, with over 90% discount rates.