Most hosting providers set the limit of PHP memory to run the application. As a result, the uploaded file exceeds the size of the memory boundary. This person exceeds the restrictions prescribed by the web server on your WordPress site.

This problem is not as horrible as it seems. This video will be resolved through 2 methods.

Method 1. Editing the .htaccess File.

First of all, we will log in to the C panel. Then we will select the file manager.
Inside the File Manager,

select the file manager
If you do not find the htaccess File, then go to the setting and show the [ show hidden files ].

show hidden files

Then we are the htaccess File Open, then add the following line to the bottom of the file:

htaccess File সেভ করবো

php_value upload_max_filesize 128M

Save change.

Method 2. Editing the multiphp ini editor.