Hostinger: A Platform of Excellent Hosting Packages

Hostinger is slowly becoming the brand for reliable hosting options for up-and-comers and websites needing convenient solutions for hosting. It might be a chore to get your website a reliable enough hosting option. However there are a few hosting options available in the current market that give a specific number of benefits. These benefits can propel your website to perform in the best possible way necessary. Hostinger is one such hosting option that brings together plans and packages for users. Hostinger web hosting gives you the support you need when you are starting on a particular web project. It also helps you sustain your performance.

In most services, there is a divide in characteristics and delivery. Some bring convenient pricing with the necessities, while others bring powerful performance at high prices. But now many services are shying away from these two models and incorporating elements from the two models. The digital platform is following this mishmash approach quite well. Hosting websites is one of the best examples of the mixed approach. You can get available pricing upon the best necessary performance. Hostinger uses this template for distributing their services. So, it is growing as a platform to help people get hosting and related services at a reasonable price.

Now let’s see what the Hostinger services have to offer.

Hostinger Service List

Hostinger refers to its offerings as the Hostinger platform. For any initiative to start, you have to have an excellent base to start. We usually call this base a platform from which we can launch ourselves. Hostinger makes it quite simple for people to avail of their services. Websites need domains and hosting to get off the blocks. These two are the basic things you need to have apart from a finished website. Hostinger builds a platform for small to medium websites to get their hosting operations in a simple yet effective manner. Their prices are also very convenient for that customer base.

Another compelling piece of sales promotion they do is using the big holiday sales seasons to distribute Hostinger Coupon Codes. Giving Coupon Codes for Hostinger services makes people pay more attention. As a customer, you have to have to keep an eye out for these offers because you can get lucrative discount deals.

The main categories of services Hostinger provides are:

  • Hosting
  • VPS
  • Domains

Under these main categories, they have some sub-categories as well. We will talk about them now in detail.

Hostinger Hosting

Web hosting is the official name for hosting your website files on the server. Hostinger gets you hosting packages with a range of variety. They divide their offerings into four types.

  • Web Hosting
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Email Hosting
  • WordPress Hosting

Hostinger  Web Hosting

This plan is an ideal web hosting package for beginner-level websites or people who are getting into website-related services. Shared hosting just about does most of the necessary things for a small-scale website. Hostinger doesn’t skip on the basics and delivers the goods on all fronts. What’s more, they offer a meager price for the services.

hostinger review

  • 1 to unlimited website support
  • 1 to unlimited email accounts
  • 100 GB to Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Sufficient power and Memory

Hosting Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting packages are ideal fits for large projects. This fit is because cloud hosting usually gives benefits with dedicated resources. These resources help you to get the optimum hosting experience for your big-scale websites with medium levels of audience and operation. You can get some particular benefits for your website with these features. These include

  • Fast Processing with Multicore processor
  • Primary Memory with secure RAM backup
  • 300 website support
  • Fast SSD storage
  • 99.99% uptime
  • Loading speed increase
  • Customized Control Panel

Hostinger Email Hosting

Your custom mail address for businesses or employees can have a professional feel to your operations. Hostinger Webmail options also help you to get excellent performance for your email promotions as well. The special features include

  • Advanced Search Options
  • Video support for emails
  • Scheduling system for your email operations
  • Transfer Domains for hosting easily

WordPress Hosting

Hostinger Review,WordPress Hosting,

A significant number of websites are now moving to the WordPress platform. New practitioners or website owners also prefer WordPress because of the ease of build and management. Hostinger has added its WordPress hosting packages with the right amount of optimization for WordPress sites. WordPress Hosting plans have some essential features, which are:

  • Performance with PHP, NGINX, and HTTP/2 support
  • Improved Security measures
  • One-click WordPress installations
  • Developer Friendly Features
  • The features of shared hosting packages


VPS hosting is a robust solution for your Mid to Mid-High level website. More massive websites with multiple portals, operations, and visitor engagement need a VPS-powered solution. The Hostinger Platform has divided VPS packages into three sub-categories. These packages have

Hostinger Standard VPS Hosting

The standard VPS hosting has the Linux platform as the operating system. These packages have a wide variety of combinations with simple configurations. You can choose the type of performance you need from these packages. VPS is a virtual server that gives you a specific level of control that you might not see with other more straightforward hosting packages. Additional features include

  • Powerful processing with virtual CPUs
  • Strong RAM support
  • Fast SSD storage
  • TB worth of bandwidth

Hostinger Minecraft Hosting

Minecraft is a popular game from Windows-based developers. It has a vast online community, and people are finding new ways to earn their livelihood by hosting streaming sessions. Hostinger is probably the only hosting service that gives Minecraft hosting packages.

Hostinger Windows VPS

If Linux VPS doesn’t suit your demands, then Hostinger brings you a wide variety of Windows VPS packages. Windows VPS has the same level of hardware support specifications as the standard VPS packages. But there are some variations of other added benefits with the packages including

  • Layout for Windows Server 12
  • Live Chat Support
  • Strong Hardware support with fast SSD storage
  • Enterprise Level Data Backups
  • Dedicated IP with IPV6

Hostinger Hosting Pricing plans

Service Price
Shared Web Hosting Starts at $0.99/month
Cloud Hosting Starts at $7.45/month
Email Hosting Starts at $0.99/month
WordPress Hosting Starts at $0.99/month
Standard VPS Hosting Starts at $3.95/month
Minecraft Hosting Starts at $8.95/month
Windows VPS Starts at $26.00/month


Hostinger also provides domain search and registration options. You can search for your desired domain names and TLD extensions from the Hostinger list of domains. There is also WHOIS support to find ownership of a particular domain. You can also quickly transfer your domains with Hostinger.

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