GoDaddy Review: Good For Enterprise But Best For Small Users

GoDaddy is probably one of the more known hosting service providers in the current market. You might have seen their advertisements on a plethora of mediums. GoDaddy has done everything from running half-time snippets to convincing famous YouTubers and celebrities to vouch for them.

Their boastful claims of providing top-notch hosting services are still up for discussion. But with over 15 Million users across the globe and rising, there is no denying that they are doing something right. So getting to know about GoDaddy’s features and GoDaddy Coupon Codes and offers might be necessary.

But first of all, let’s know about their history.

GoDaddy: A history refresher
If you don’t know about GoDaddy, here is a brief reminder in chronological order.

  • Bob Parsons has a venture called Jomax
  • After some employees left, in 1999, Parsons registered it as GoDaddy.
  • The plan from the beginning was to offer convenient online services
  • The Underlying principle was that people could get their ideas on the web with GoDaddy easily
  • GoDaddy Domain services became the most massive domain registration in the world in 2005
  • Growth as a hosting service, addition of new offerings, and global relevance (2006-present)

GoDaddy Hosting Packages

First of all, let’s look at their key offering. GoDaddy has boasted of its packages at length and has been delivering in a particular capacity. Its main hosting packages are

GoDaddy Shared Web Hosting

GoDaddy Shared Web Hosting,GoDaddy-Hosting-Reviews

Shared Web Hosting is the norm for any web hosting service. This type of hosting is ideal for a small business owner, but we’ll get to that part eventually.

GoDaddy has been in the business since the internet was in its infancy. Godaddy has grown its packages according to the changing demands. Now the packages offer

  • Free Domains
  • Free SSL (for higher packages
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Data Transfers
  • 100 GB disk space (expandable to 1000 GB)

GoDaddy VPS

GoDaddy has changed with the times and offers packages for you to scale up. The VPS hosting packages are suitable for people to scale up. VPS is an appropriate hosting solution for those who are looking for mid-tier solutions.

GoDaddy brings together VPS hosting features that you can utilize at your convenience. The breakdown of features include

  • Up to 8 cores in processors
  • Up to 16 GB of RAM
  • Fast SSD storage for performance
  • Cpanel/WHM/Plesk admin panel
  • Regular and Automated Backups
  • Data Centers on a Global Scale
  • Full-Root Access
  • Scales up according to your needs

GoDaddy Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Servers bring the scale-up even more than VPS does. Dedicated Servers are enterprise-level hosting solutions. GoDaddy has been one of the messengers of bringing Dedicated Servers to the forefront.

There are plans and benefits from GoDaddy that get you up and running with the high-level performance of Dedicated server hosting. If you know about VPS hosting standards, then Dedicated server plans should not be difficult to understand.

The specifications for Dedicated Servers include

  • Intel Xeon & AMD EPYC processors
  • DDR4 RAM up to 256 GB
  • Raid-1 SSD storage units up to 8 TB
  • Server Uptime Guarantee of 99.99%
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • DDoS Protection
  • Admin panel support (Unspecified)
  • Root Access

GoDaddy WordPress Hosting:

GoDaddy WordPress Hosting

WordPress hosting is the new most-wanted hosting support for WordPress Websites. WordPress is an easy-to-use platform for building and managing websites. GoDaddy has also brought unique versions of WordPress hosting packages.

You can typically do without a WordPress hosting package. Using a shared hosting package does the same job. But you can’t hope to keep up or outperform many other WordPress sites without managed options. GoDaddy WordPress hosting tries to bring the benefits under one roof, including:

  • 25000-unlimited visitor Guarantee
  • Free Domain support
  • Free SSL for life (on select packages
  • WordPress Software Support and Updates
  • Testing site
  • SEO benefits
  • Malware Scans
  • WordPress Site Backup tools
  • CDN support for fast data transfer
  • Drag-and-Drop Editor for easy site-building

One thing to note in the pricing plan is that the cheapest option for hosting is VPS hosting, which is a rarity. Usually, Shared hosting packages are the most affordable.

GoDaddy Hosting Price Packages

Package PRICE
Shared Hosting
  • $6.41/month
VPS Hosting
  • $5.34/month
Dedicated server
  • $139.09/month
WordPress Hosting
  • $7.48/month

One thing to note in the pricing plan is that the cheapest option for hosting is VPS hosting which is a rarity. Usually, Shared hosting packages are the cheapest.

GoDaddy Domain Services

As we mentioned above, GoDaddy remains the largest domain registration service in the world. So, it deserves a quick overview. The features are modest at best with the standard Search-and-Register functions available in most hosting or domain services today.

But what sets GoDaddy apart is the volume of new domains. GoDaddy has amassed a large number of domain extensions under its service umbrella. It lets you find rare and sought-after domain names. There are some benefits sprinkled in as well like:

  • Easy setup for primary users
  • Domain Forwarding
  • 100 subdomains to make a custom web address
  • Monitoring in Real-Time

A Service for Small Website Owners

GoDaddy presents itself as a competent hosting service for Small Business Owners. They give specific attention to service demands to people who want to get their online business off the ground or have a small-scale business. The particular benefits small business owners can enjoy include:

  • Free Domain Services
  • Website Builder to Build Your Store
  • SEO and Digital Marketing Services
  • Security and Backup tools
  • Curated WordPress Hosting packages for such stores
  • Shop-oriented Domain extensions Available
  • Email Hosting supportReseller Hosting benefits for Small hosting
  • providers (Starts at $42.79/month)
  • Social Media Marketing Tools on hand

Is GoDaddy for You? (Pros and cons with Final Recommendation)

We cannot say you must go for a particular service. You can review their service list and see it for yourself. But what we can give is our opinion about for whom GoDaddy is appropriate. For that, we have some pros and cons list.

What We Liked:

  • A well-rounded list of Website hosting
  • An extensive collection of Domain Names
  • Added benefits (Free, domain, SSL, Security backup, etc.)
  • Appropriate tools and packages for small business owners
  • Professional services for Digital Marketing needs

What We Didn’t Like:

  • An expensive shared hosting plan
  • Customer Support is less than Satisfactory
  • Website Builder has some bugs like not being able to change themes
  • Switching to another host is quite problematic

Final Recommendation

In short, GoDaddy still has the right benefits to help you get your online business off the ground. The services will suit you if you are a new business owner or a small business owner. But you can also scale up if you want a VPS plan as those plans are relatively cheaper.

Godaddy Coupons & Promo Codes

GoDaddy, like many other online businesses, provides coupon codes & promo codes for their promotions. For first-time users, GoDaddy gives 33% off on hosting plans.

But if you want a more significant discount then waiting for November is the right choice. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are in that period. These sales give you 80%-90% discounts with Godaddy Coupons & Promo Codes