FatCow hosting is a brand name owned by Domain Name Holding Company, Inc. which has existed since 1998 though the domain name (fatcow.com) was registered under this company in 1997. The price existence was $3.50/Mo. They serve two modern data centers in their Boston outlet. It mainly specializes in hosting small and medium-sized businesses.


It gives unlimited Disk Space and Unlimited Bandwidth. Its platform is Unix and the setup is for free. Apart from that, it features CGI BIN, MySQL, PHP, Control Panel, SSL Encryption, Frontpage Extensions, Website Statistics, Script Library, FTP Accounts, 1500 Email Accounts, POP3/IMAP/SMTP, WebMail, Email Forwarding, Email Aliasing, Autoresponders, Shopping Cart, Online Web Editor, Daily Server Backup, 24×7 Monitoring, Toll-Free Support, and 24×7 Web Support. It is equipped with 24/7 accessibility and redundant power in case a server goes down. They offer 24/7 phone support, a simple array of supported scripting languages, and an optional shopping cart.

Some people out there want to take it slow. For them, there is a Mini Moo feature which helps to create a much simpler site providing the introduction of a business and the criteria behind it. Their proprietary control panel includes the shopping cart system named ShopSite and also a 2Gb backup from Carbonite for one’s website which is again free for the first year of usage. It was smartly designed to be a different alternative in web hosting, providing customers with an ultra-affordable and feature-packed yearly plan, instead of run of the mill standard monthly accounts.

If one is used to looking at the standard hosting price of per month payments, this particular web hosting breaks down to just $4.66 for unlimited storage and data transfer (which is both fantastic and ridiculous). Via fast (OC3) Internet connections e-mail files are served through a system of dedicated Linux machines that utilize Apache server software. The presence of numerous machines ensures that the work is not slowed down.


It has one of the best reputations for all-around service, quality, and support. Though their website seemed a bit inadequate in economizing at its start, they have maintained a good reputation in catering to people who aren’t still technologically boosted up. They seem to be one of the top providers in the U.S. and do have more than their share of downtime complaints, as a result of which people either love them or hate them.

Mostly this becomes hard to understand as they claim uptime of better than 99% or perhaps they just have more than their actual share of newbies, who manage to crash their sites more often than most. One will need to pay by the year with FatCow, and most importantly, they just offer one type of account which includes everything one wishes to do.


It has one of the best reputations for all-around service, quality, and support.


Providing reliable hosting services for individuals and businesses has been FatCow’s working agenda since 1998. Whether one is looking for a small business web host or domain name for own business— it has the service and experienced team to support you! FatCow hosting rating averages