DreamWebHost Review of Hosting and online services

DreamWebHost is an emerging service for hosting and other types of online services related to website management. Simplicity is something that every service needs for the customers. If you want a web hosting that cuts to the chase and has the basics in mind. They make it quite easy for you to understand what you are getting at the price you pay.

You also can get the proper strength of hosting features when you are scaling up. The reason for this is the strong mid-tier lineup of services. The advantage of additional services, simplicity, and a mid-tier range of services have made DreamWebHost a hosting service to watch out for. But there are some caveats to that.

What Do You Need As A Basic Web Hosting Setup?

Web Hosting is a vital component if you are thinking about doing anything online. Whenever you listen to an expert talking about online business practices, they always talk about creating an online presence.

That is only possible if you have a website doling out the services and information at a regular pace. Without a capable hosting service provider at the helm, you cannot do that. The basic setup should have

  • Basic shared hosting options
  • Mid-tier VPS hosting
  • Domain services
  • Added benefits

DreamWebHost provides all of these in a beautiful bow and a simple execution.

Let’s have a look at what DreamWebHost has in store.

Dreamwebhost Services In Detail

We have talked about how keeping it simple can have a positive effect on your operations. You don’t need to get bogged down by the knowledge of too many nooks and crannies in the bundle of services. That might give you some stress looking after your web hosting metrics.

Once you are starting out or if you don’t want to burden your mind with the technical load then DreamWebHost is an ideal starting point for you, They focus on the essential parts of their web hosting options including

  • Web Hosting
  • Addons

DreamWebHost Web Hosting

Web Hosting packages are the standard set of hosting gigs you will see in any standard hosting service. This offering is also true in the sense of the DreamWebHost batch of services. These services have to cover the bases for some of the fundamental needs of a website.

As a customer, you have to look for a variety of options that are not difficult to understand. DreamWebHost supplies that specific range of simplistic types in their group of options.

  • Shared web hosting
  • Reseller Hosting
  • Domain Registration

DreamWebHost Shared Web Hosting

Everyone in the online community knows that shared web hosting is the gateway hosting service when you are new to the online business. But shared web hosting can cover a lot of ground if you have the right tools on board. DreamWebHost has tried to get more than an average option for shared hosting plans.

What is impressive to see is how many functions DreamWebHost has packed in. It’s also very nice to see the prices on the board for the services. The benefits include

  • SSD Data storage
  • A 50-unlimited provision on bandwidth
  • MySQL databases
  • Unlimited Website support
  • One-click App installs
  • Control panel
  • Unlimited Email Addresses
  • PHP7+OPcache
  • Free Domain
  • Regular Backups

DreamWebHost Reseller Hosting

Reseller Hosting is the web hosting option for web hosting providers on a small scale. Not everyone wants an all-powerful hosting option for their website. A significant group of the audience wants just a standard run-of-the-mill web hosting option. With reseller hosting, you can fulfill the needs of these web practitioners. But you have to have several options on your specification list. This list has the following benefits from DreamWebHost.

  • Extended Number of Specifications for Substantial Hosting Provision
  • Easy installer with One-click features
  • Unlimited Database support with MySQL
  • Let’s Encrypt SSL for secure connections
    Filtering Spam
  • 500 GB – Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Ready and willing group of experts who offer technical support

DreamWebHosts SSD VPS

VPS hosting is a popular hosting service for people willing to scale up and include massive traffic-related operations. VPS hardware ensures that you can perform at a higher level with your increasing web demands. DreamWebHosts understands that specific need very well and has brought in a tight-wound group of features for your hosting with VPS.

DreamWebHosts Linux VPS

Linux VPS is the standard setup for a VPS-powered hosting service. DreamWebHosts have compiled the bare necessities in one place. These service features include

  • SSD storage up to 200 GB
  • Up to 6core vCPU processing
  • Data transfer up to 5000 GB
  • RAM up to 16 GB

There are five distinct packages for Linux VPS

DirectAdmin, Cpanel, and Plesk VPS

There are two variants of the control panel-based hosting packages from DreamWebHosts. Plesk, DirectAdmin, and Cpanel are admin control panels with their own set of benefits. DreamWebHosts has compiled three of these in one place to deliver on the demands of both the control panel users. The features resemble the Linux VPS plans.

DreamWebHosts Storage VPS

Storage VPS is just the base offering and resembles the VPS plans mentioned above. But the main point of diversion happens in the matter of storage. We know how much room plays a part in data management, and so does DreamWebHosts. That is why they have brought VPS servers specifically designed to have more storage options. The overall benefits include

  • 256 MB-1.5GB RAM support
  • 100-750GB storage
  • Up to 6000 GB data transfer

DreamWebHosts Pricing plans for Hosting

Service Prices
Shared Hosting $1.00/month
Reseller Hosting $7.99/month
Linux VPS $5.99/month
DirectAdmin VPS $34.49/month
cPanel VPS $44.99/month
Plesk VPS $34.49/month
Storage VPS $3.50/month

DreamWebHosts Domain Service

As with the basic Web Hosting packages nowadays, DreamWebHosts also includes Domain services like registration, search, and Top-Level domain extensions. You can pick the domain names and extensions to your liking. Domain names start from $13.23/year.


There are two add-on services you can get with DreamWebHosts. Block Storage is an option to add storage to your web hosting packages regarding servers. You can add 10 GB worth of storage for $1 as a starting point. Another added service is the inclusion of SSL certificates. You can get PositiveSSL for as low as $7.80/year.

DreamWebHosts Coupon Codes and How to Get Them

DreamWebHosts Coupon Codes bring down your costs drastically. But you have to time the overall process. You can see the service-specific discount deals at sporadic times of the year. But Black Friday and specifically Cyber Monday can give you deals of more than 90%.

DreamWebHosts promo codes help you to get a similar deal at holiday sales. The best times for this are both the Christmas and New Year sales.