Dreamhost Review of Hosting Packages

Dreamhost is a hosting service that reaches out to performance metrics for the success of your website management. It puts a particular intention of serving customers. Dreamhost gives purpose to the website operations for its clients. It hopes to reach a specific set of target metrics for websites.

That set of parameters is the basis for the Dreamhost list of services. This variety gives you the right group of tools to work with for your website. Hosting and related services are essential tools for running a functional website for the long term. Dreamhost delivers the right balance of service performance, tools, and added benefits to make your website stand out.

The metrics for Dreamhost success

We are living in an era of analytics-driven decision-making. A firm with a plan backed by data can sustain its business and success in the long run. In online media, the need for data-driven actions goes above and beyond. When you have an operational website in demand, achieving some actionable goals can get you a long way ahead in your operations. These metrics are:

  • Fast speed
  • User Experience
  • Search Engine

Dreamhost configures its services to give you these metrics and help you set a standard for success within the Internet business platform

Dreamhost Offers

Dreamhost keeps its attention on the group as mentioned above of metrics. Internet success depends on how many essential aspects you can fit in within your website. Dreamhost range of offerings only focuses on the very recent developments in web hosting.

Web hosting has developed a whole lot over the last decade, and Dreamhost looks to bring the packages most relevant to the present day. In addition to those, they have also got the universally accepted and popular web hosting plans existing in the current market. So If we can break down the offerings in bullets, they would look like this:

  • WordPress Hosting
  • Web Hosting Variations
  • Websites
  • Domains
  • Email

Dreamhost WordPress Hosting

WordPress hosting forms the center of the hosting options that Dreamhost provides
Dreamhost is one of the very few hosting service providers that provide variety among the offerings of WordPress hosting options. There are three variations of services from Dreamhost. They include

WordPress Basic

WordPress Essential is the standard affair when it comes to hosting services. But the basics have a backup of some tremendous benefits. You have to use some of the best options available no matter how basic the package is, maybe you can get more utility with some added benefits. Dreamhost makes sure you get these benefits in their basic packages.

Basic WordPress Features:

  • Unlimited Storage and Bandwidth
  • Advanced Admin Panel
  • Quick one-click installer
  • Domain Services for free
  • Free email accounts
  • Privacy Protection
  • Let’s Encrypt SSL for free
  • Automatic Backups
  • Quick Install for WordPress

*** WordPress basic set of plans start from $2.59/month

Dreampress Hosting

This package is a more powerful version of the WordPress web hosting package. The Dreampress hosting option mixes power with elegance to give more opportunities for hosting benefits.

Dreampress represents the managed version of hosting packages from Dreamhost for WordPress websites. What differentiates Dreampress from the basic is the solid group of added benefits you get from these packages. The packages include

  • Guaranteed Visitor Count
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • SSD storage for fast data transfer
  • Bandwidth at an Unmetered level
  • Pre-installed SSL certificates
  • Jetpack enabled
  • WP site builder

These points help you manage your WordPress hosting easily with an intuitive control panel. The Dreampress branding ensures you get a degree of service that differs from most standard hosting packages in WordPress websites.

***The Dreampress hosting packages start from $16.95/Month

Dreamhost Woocommerce Hosting

Woocommerce is a go-to framework for making websites for e-commerce operations. Woocommerce lets you easily craft and manage your online eCommerce activities better than most other structures. Dreamhost offers curated hosting services with Woocommerce-powered websites in mind.

You can get a headstart at making and managing your site better than your contemporaries. The benefits of the necessary WordPress packages are all there, but there are some added benefits in the Woocommerce hosting packages like:

  • Pre-installed Woocommerce
  • Automatic regular updates for your store
  • Caching at a Server level
  • A Special type of eCommerce theme from
  • Storefront
  • Uptime guarantee of a 100%
  • SSD storage

***Woocommerce hosting packages start from $16.95/month

Dreamhost Web Hosting

The standard option of Dreamhost packages for general use is in these packages. There are sets of hosting packages Dreamhost divides their stretch of web hosting packages. They base their hosting packages according to the scale of hosting they provide. The basic packages include:

Dreamhost Shared Hosting Packages

Dreamhost Shared Hosting Packages,dreamhost review

These packages are quite the standard matter of affairs. If you have a website on a small scale and you don’t need that much form of utility, you can use shared hosting packages from Dreamhost. There are some added benefits with the Shared Hosting packages.

  • Domain Services for Free
  • Unmetered Bandwidth and Storage
  • Complementary Email Accounts
  • Privacy protection
  • WordPress setup option for WordPress websites
  • Effective 1-click installer
  • Control Panel

The shared hosting options have a standard setup, and you can rely on them, which starts from $2.59/month.

Dreamhost VPS Hosting

Dreamhost also brings in mid-tier VPS hosting for more control and coverage you would not naturally get from standard shared hosting. Dreamhost does not skimp on any finer details for their VPS hosting packages. Their added benefits include

  • Managed VPS performance and Updates
  • Improved Security Measures
  • Control Panel for effective admin control
  • Scalable RAM and storage
  • Bandwidth & traffic -Unlimited
  • SSD for faster data transfer
  • Servers based in North America

Dreamhost also brings convenience in pricing with a $10./month starting point for VPS packages.

Dreamhost Dedicated Server Hosting

Dreamhost Dedicated hosting jacks up the hosting benefits. These benefits give an overarching performance that suits large-scale businesses and enterprises. The benefits you get include

  • Root and SSH access
  • Network Uptime Guarantee
  • Bandwidth Uncapped
  • OPcache
  • Ruby Version Manager
  • PHP7/Python/Perl support
  • MySQL server support
  • IPV 4 and IPV 6
  • Reseller Features
  • Ubuntu Linux
  • Raid 1 Level Storage options

All that power also comes with hardware support for fast processing, scalable RAM & storage, and more.
***The packages start from $149/month

Cloud Computing

Apart from hosting packages, you can also have robust cloud computing and storage support from Dreamhost. Their included benefits are

  • SSD, SSH access for speed of the process
  • Root access with Full control
  • Scalable servers and configuration
  • Open-source code

***Cloud Computing service prices start from $4.50/month

Domain and Website Builder

Just like any standard Hosting service Dreamhost also lets you search and register for Domain names. The domains have a price as low as $0.89. There is also a Website builder for WordPress websites, which lets you craft an excellent website. The cost for this is $2.59/month. You can also have an expert build your website for $249/site.

Dreamhost coupon codes, offers, and deals

The most convenient time to look for discounts for any digital product or service is Cyber Monday is the most potent time. You can get up to 95% discount on services. Dreamhost coupon codes are also available at the Cyber Monday sales. As a universal discount season, Black Friday is also an excellent moment to look for a discount on the Dreamhost website.

Dreamhost promo codes are also available during the holiday sales of Christmas, New Year sales, and Halloween. These sales can give you discounts on specific services from Dreamhost.