Cylance Antivirus Review: The smart Antivirus

Cylance is a relatively new name in the antivirus market. But it has made a splash that people have noticed. An antivirus is a defined set of programs that notice malicious files and eliminate them for the safety of your machine. So, it is easy to see that an antivirus goes through an exhaustive process of search and elimination.

There might be a critical failure in some parts of the process. But what if antivirus can learn and make attempts to have a more significant effect on the process? Cylance claims to be just that.

So let’s critically assess the Cylance Smart Antivirus and see if it’s worth all that hype. We will also see how Cylance Antivirus Promo Codes and offers can get you significant discounts as well.

Cylance at a glance

Cylance always has had a firm concentration on protection for PC devices since its beginnings. The inception of Cylance follows a Smart Antivirus concept. There is a significant emphasis on using smart technology. So, let’s take a look at some basic facts about Cylance.

  • McAfee’s former Tech Officer Stuart McClure and Ryan Permeh established Cylance
  • In 2013 they got the initial investment to start their operations
  • Cylance brings in technology to combat malware
  • It differentiates from others as it focuses more on prevention rather than elimination.
  • Cylance applies smart technology and machine learning to affect malware reduction
  • Eventually, in 2019, The Blackberry Corporation acquired Cylance.

We have known about the details of the Cylance and let’s know more about how it fares in our review.

Cylance features

Cylance has a unique list of features for the management of malware. We have discussed how it uses machine learning and smart technologies to combat viruses. The features should help you get the hang of getting the best out of your antivirus performance.

  • User Interface: The user interface of Cylance isn’t like your typical user interface. It is much shorter in scope and device-oriented. Adding devices, as well as the management of said devices, is another aspect.
  • Home-oriented: Cylance is also unique in the regard that it is more suited for home use rather than business. It seems like most antiviruses give more importance to office security rather than the home environment. But Cylance is the opposite
  • Result tool: The antivirus is mostly concerned with the endpoint. Every antivirus looks to find and eliminate the malware. But Cylance is the more preventive antivirus. It makes sure you don’t have any infestations in the first place.

Cylance Security Features

When you boil it down to the basics, Cylance is a security feature at its core. We should assess what it offers in this section to have an idea of how it performs.

  • Scanning Engine: Scanning is the base function of an antivirus. If you have any malware in your system, then a scan will catch it for sure. The Cylance engine is fast and efficient in finding malware. It uses artificial intelligence to make sure you find malware. It can detect and eliminate malware quickly.
  • Online Dashboard: It is not a stretch to suggest that you do most of your work while connected to the internet. The web is the most commonplace for viruses to attack your system. Cylance gives you an online dashboard to monitor your web activities. The AI system lets you know if you have been under attack or not.
  • Background process: As we said before, people won’t be familiar with the user interface and the user experience of Cylance. Most antivirus products need a user to open it to scan for malware. But this is not the case with Cyklance. Once you install it in the system, please don’t see it as an item or see much of anything happening. It sits on the start dock of your machine. Once it detects any suspicious files, you get a notification. It tries to rid the user of the reactive use and becomes proactive.
  • Software Support: Cylance is a PC-oriented service. It works perfectly on the more prominent two operating systems. Currently, Cylance is available for both Windows and macOS devices.

Cylance Additional benefits

The minute details can have a significant impact on performance. Let’s see how the Cylance team rounds up the overall use.

  • Easy installation: At the initial level, you have to have a specific level of ease. If your software is tough to install, then it won’t be easy to use as well. Thankfully, Cylance is a standard install system. You can get it up and running in no time.
  • AI ease of use: AI is a hot topic in this day and age. AI can make human-like decisions if you give right enough coding instructions. Cylance brings AI to the forefront as the AI recognizes and prevents malware from appearing. It also is a testament that AI-driven operations limit human interaction and make management easy.

Cylance Customer Support

An antivirus is as good as the support it receives. But Cylance pulls its weight enough to give its users seamless support for its customers. The support measures include:

  • Fast response to queries was frequent. You can get instant replies and fixes to your problems
  • It has an email service that is quite fast and helps with purchase-operation queries
  • The FAQ section and the information page on the page are quite helpful. Reading them can appease a lot of problems you might have
  • The community forum is there
  • The telephone is available but only in specific areas.

Cylance Pricing Policy

Package Price
Individual $29
Household $39
Family $49

Final Musings 

If you want a proper antivirus for your home, then Cylance is a perfect option. But it lacks specific features for the office space. The lack of a cohesive user interface might also result in confusion and problems. But overall it’s a good enough product for light use.

Cylance Coupon Codes, Deals and offers

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