Websites have meant a huge deal for us in the current world. We are using the online medium to make sure of our business expansion. Nowadays, you can get a lot of coverage of your target audience or target market with the help of the website. Websites are the gateways to every web-related service and create an online presence. In this segment, Bluehost hosting will keep you ahead of everyone.

Though we have quite a lot of hosting options around us. But in this age of overexposure, it is quite easy for you to get lost and make a bad choice in your hosting choice. Especially, when you are starting you must use a hosting service that suits your needs. Compared to other web hosting, Bluehost will be the best choice for you.

As we said before, you can find a lot of hosting services out there. There are hosting services of various types and kinds. But if you are a newbie or somebody who wants to make your website for the first time then this might be a challenging ordeal for you. You can hear about a lot of hosting services around you through promotional offers and also on your social media if you have ever searched for any hosting offers.

Today we are going to know about one such hosting service that is very good for beginners. This hosting service is Bluehost. Bluehost is quite a popular hosting service and there are quite a lot of reasons for it. You will also learn Bluehost Coupon Codes and how you can get great deals as well. Also, you will get to know about the overall services of the Bluehost services.

Bluehost At A Glance

Bluehost is first and foremost a hosting service. It is one of the most popular Bluehost hosting services currently in the market. This is because of the very well-structured plans and services they offer. For any new person coming into online business or website management in general, Bluehost is a very good hosting service. It also provides a host of other services as well. If we can break down the Bluehost services, we would the following major services from them:

  • Web Hosting
  • WordPress Hosting
  • Domain Registration
  • Professional Services
  • Email Services

Each of these services has its distinct benefits and perks. So let’s take a detailed look at these.

Bluehost Hosting

Bluehost is first and foremost a hosting service. So naturally, this is the first and foremost thing to discuss. As said before, Bluehost has some of the best beginner-level hosting plans for people who want to start their online journey.

They provide three hosting types in their hosting service packages. These are:

  • Shared Hosting
  • VPS hosting
  • Dedicated Hosting.

Few more specifications about these three hosting services:

Bluehost Web Hosting:

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The shared hosting packages have excellent specifications. Most of the plans have an unlimited website and unmetered bandwidth. There are SSL certificates, parked domains, unlimited domain support, and other useful offers. Bluehost pricing plans for the shared hosting are from $3.95/month to $13.95/month across 4 packages.

They also have a wide range of VPS plans. The VPS plans include multiple cores, fast and vast storage options, and great bandwidth. There are currently three plans ranging from $19.99-$59.99.

The dedicated server hosting is also quite similar to the VPS services but has more cores, more storage & RAM options along more bandwidth support. The plans range from $79/Month-$99.99/month.

Bluehost WordPress Hosting

With the rising popularity of the WordPress platform, Bluehost has introduced a significant amount of WordPress hosting and other special plans. There is a significant number of WordPress websites and they are easy to make and manage.

However, WordPress-managed hosting can boost the overall user experience and handling of the website. The normal WordPress hosting range of plans is similar to the shared hosting plans but with easy WordPress website building and management tools. The plans range from $3.95/month-$5.95/month.

The WP Pro is a new range of hosting plans from Bluehost. This is the managed WordPress hosting plan. The hosting plans here include WordPress site-building tools that help you to make a website very quickly. The themes and plugin support for these plans are also quite good. There is a dashboard from which you can manage your WordPress website very easily. The plans are SEO tools, Jetpack analytics, video compression, and business review tools. The plans here range from $19.95/month-$49.95/month.

Woocommerce hosting plans represent the special plans for eCommerce-based WordPress hosting sites. The plans include online stores, storefront themes, free SSL certificates, and fast SSD storage options. Bluehost pricing plans for this service range from $6.95/month-$12.95/month.

Bluehost Domain Registration

As with many modern hosting services, Bluehost also has Domain names and registration services. You can search for domains and get the most popular top-level domain extensions. There are domain registration functions that get you your desired domain name easily with easy management systems. It also has auto-renewal and Domain lock options.

Unbeatable Bluehost Professional Services

Along with the many various hosting and domain services they also have professional services. There are web development and web design services and you can build great custom website designs with these services. You can also get SEO services done with Bluehost. Bluehost also offers great website migration services as a part of professional services. Prices are according to the level of services you want.

Bluehost Dynamic Email Services

Bluehost provides special email hosting services along with general hosting plans. They provide email support for Microsoft Office 365 with powerful office tools and features. But to avail of these options, you need a hosting plan. You can choose the shared, VPS, Dedicated along with WordPress hosting plans.

Bluehost Coupons Codes and offers

Like other domain hosting companies, Bluehost offers many items. You can get great discounts and deals with Bluehost Coupon codes. Bluehost offers coupon codes for many of its promotional packages to make it popular in the market. Bluehost promo codes also help you to reduce prices. You can get these on the main websites at the big shopping season sales like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, and New Year sales.

This is highly recommended that you buy hosting packages from Bluehost at the time of the discount session. Discounts from Bluehost do not mean that they are the least powerful or problematic service. All the service provided by Bluehost is enjoyed by people with the same efficiency all the time. Super fast customer support and years of public trust have made them unbeatable in the market.

Happy Hosting!