A Neutral Avg Antivirus Review: Good or Bad?

AVG Antivirus has been in the Antivirus business for a long time, since the early footsteps of the World Wide Web. But since the new generation of users rolled around, we have learned about other names.

We have come to know about the Avast and Kaspersky virus more. But they have persisted and been an alternative for the past two decades.

So, let’s check out the details of the AVG Antivirus and how AVG Antivirus offers and promo codes can benefit you. But we need some more background into their operations. We will talk about the origins of AVG in the brief first.

What We Liked

  • Entry-Level Benefits
  • Specific Focus on Ransomware
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Test Performance is satisfactory

What We Didn’t Like

  • It doesn’t go much deep
  • Some areas miss the Industry standards

AVG Antivirus History

As we said in the intro AVG Antivirus has been in this industry since the very beginning of the personal computing boom. AVG was present at that time during the inception and popularization of the internet. So even before the need for internet protection got underway. AVG was developing its services.

  • AVG enters the market in the early 1990s
  • AVG becomes a source of free antivirus providers
  • The early 2010s – AVG services become popular
  • In Europe and the United States Avast purchases AVG
  • The takeover isn’t as overpowering
  • Both brands release their separate brands of Antiviruses

Although AVG Antivirus is a part of Avast, it is a different offering.

AVG Antivirus Features

AVG Antivirus seems like very lightweight protection for your local machine. The characteristics of the antivirus on paper look like a viable option. But is that the same with the features?

Let’s look at the defining features of the antivirus.

Ease of use

There are lots of antiviruses on the market. But one thing common in them is the really big instruction manual that comes with each of them. But AVG Antivirus is not like them. AVG is one antivirus that is akin to a mobile app. You can install it, and not worry about anything else.

User Interface

A user interface is sometimes the difference between keeping your PC safe and rendering the software useless. You the user is not an expert in knowing all the ins and outs of the software. A user interface helps you get things in order easily.

The AVG antivirus has a very easy-to-use user interface. Just like a standard app, there is a menu on the right side. The options display themselves without much of a hiccup. You get alerts about offers and premium solutions.

You can log in and sync your devices.

Security options

The core solution for antivirus is the security solutions it gives to you. The security options can make or break an antivirus. In AVG’s case, it’s quite easy to understand. You can see the security options quite well. It detects malware in affected files.

It can also help to detect malware contamination that might happen because of your behavior. It can also stop any malware from entering the web. There is also a browser extension.

Scan options

There are quite a bit of scan options in AVG Antivirus. Scanning in mediums and devices is the primary way of getting protection against malware. With AVG Antivirus you can so

  • System Checks
  • Deep Scan
  • Performance Checks
  • Boot Scan
  • USB Checks


You have to have a sensor of sorts for detecting malware and intrusive software. The defining detection system can help you to weed out every malevolent piece of software. There are two detection systems

  • Ransomware Detection: Ransomware is a type of malware that infects the system and does not let the system operate. AVG helps you to detect ransomware.
  • Phishing site: Phishing sites are app links or dummy websites masquerading as legit portals. If you interact with them your password and details will be visible to them. AVG brings alerts to you if you are entering a phishing site.

AVG Antivirus Performance

If you want to delve deep into the finer details then let’s talk about performance. The overall site’s detection of malware and check speeds are worth looking at. Also, the reviews are worth looking at.

  • AVG Antivirus can easily detect known Malware like .exe files and small file viruses
  • Although Zero-day attacks or major attack instances don’t register.
  • Tests have revealed that they blocked all of the malware and in a few cases indicated malware when there was none.
  • Attackers might affect the machines but AVG has been able to take care of the attacks in 24 hours
  • There is an overall effectiveness of 94% in detecting and taking care of malware

AVG Antivirus Pricing Policy

AVG Internet Protection

Package PRICE
One Year
  • $69.99
Check Url
One Year/10 Device
  • $89.99
Check Url
AVG Ultimate
Package PRICE
One Year
  • $69.99
Check Url
One Year/10 Device
  • $89.99
Check Url

AVG Antivirus Highlights

Below are some of the product highlights

  • Excellent Choice for Ransomware and phishing site detection
  • Prevents Zero-day threats
  • Stops malware Downloads
  • Blocks and prevents attacks from links and files
  • Scans computer drives to find affected malware
  • Prevents Phishing sites

Our View

As a final viewpoint, we think that AVG Antivirus is an excellent option for an entry-level user or a very light user.

If you have minimal use and want the bases covered, Avg can give you a comprehensive beginner’s level option.

But once you venture outside and try to get more out of your Antivirus, AVG might not be the best option for you. You can get more with other heavyweight options.

Avg Antivirus Coupons & Promo Codes

As with all digital products, you can always get the best deals if you have a promo code or deal to fall back on. AVG Antivirus gives discounts and offers at specific times.

The most convenient time, as usual, is the Cyber Monday sales as digital products come in excellent discounts in those times. As Black Friday is adjacent to Cyber Monday, the Same Rule applies here as well.